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mulberry bag price ‘Art For Well Beings’ at the Emerson Center

Most times, you can hide your worries and fears from your children. You might not say what on your mind, might even actively try to hide your worries and fears, but no matter their age, your children will feel them. So what to do?As St. Marianne emerges from rays of sunlight above, the nuns and girls walk through an opening in lava rock wall like those seen at the Molokai settlement for Hansen disease patients at Kalaupapa.I am getting a little lazier as time goes on. Orchids that are close to the house on my screen porch only get covered with a sheet on nights when temperatures drop under 40. I no longer run around flinging beach towels over the orchids tied to trees. My hope is that they are now well established and will glean some warmth from the tree trunks and their overhead canopies.
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IN HER brand new art space, artist Judy Gittelsohn prepares four workstations of pushed together desks for the arrival of about 10 developmentally challenged children.

At each workstation, she has placed a plant sprout in a cup, her outline drawing of the plant divided into six panels and neatly filled palates of colored paint. The children will paint one square each in this composite picture that Gittelsohn likens to quilting. “It’s about the cycle of life,” she explains, just before the children arrive in a flurry of activity.

With two aids in tow, they chatter, sit, stand, explore, sit as Gittelsohn explains the objective through the din. Colors flow; paints, papers, brushes are in disarray, and it’s over in a matter of minutes. Watching the kids interact with the project at hand, you see moments of intense concentration, of delight, of being engrossed in the hand to eye experience the majority of these moments are measured in seconds, split seconds.

Gittelsohn is not disappointed. Surveying the finished paintings, she marvels at the unique personality each student has contributed. “Just like a thumb print,” Gittelsohn comments, “our marks application of paint, marker, pencil, chalk precisely our own. Amazing.”

The miracle of Judy Gittelsohn is fluidity. An award winning painter with an architectural background, Gittelsohn provides a structured (often elaborately so) template, then she lets go, come what may. Once a finished product is in front of her, goal orientation shifts to “What can we make of this”?

The groups Gittelsohn teaches youth, developmentally challenged children, adults recovering from illness or injury all overcome huge hurdles to paint.

One of her students was a highly paid professional before he fell ill and lost his career to debilitating seizures. “He wanted to draw with perspective, but he couldn’t get his mind around it.” Gittelsohn recalls his breakthrough moment. “I said look at the corners of the room and see if they are an ‘A’ or a ‘V.'” He got it. And she still remembers “watching him smile and begin to rework his brain.”

In the case of illnesses, she points out, sometimes it’s just a question of helping the brain to approach old tasks (“something difficult that used to be familiar”) in new ways.

In her at risk youth program, Gittelsohn devised a project for young girls from East Palo Alto to interview and then paint important women in their community. She compiled the paintings in a booklet simply called A Book About Women by Girls and has saved up nearly half the money needed to print 1,000 copies of the books. She believes that it is important for these artists and their contributions to be part of the community at large.

These artists’ proud sense of accomplishment is the reason Gittelsohn plans to celebrate the new space and gallery for her “Art for Well Beings” programs (thanks to support from Early Learning Institute president Charles D. Bernstein) with a grand opening and all inclusive art exhibit (May 6, 3 5pm).

The work of Gittelsohn’s students can be seen around the South Bay, and at least one of her developmentally challenged adult proteges, Mike Jennings, has sold a number of paintings. With several paintings on exhibit at “Art for Well Beings,” Jennings’ youthful style captures an essence of raw delight. Gittelsohn says he always greets her the same way: “‘You are Judy and I like art really like art.'”
When parents or guardians drop off their children for the camp, they will be invited to participate in a brief session hosted by Blue Ridge Hospice about how they can support their child during the grieving process.Why should you expect differently? Remember, he is self centered, he is self absorbed, and he lacks empathy. And because of his grandiosity, he feels entitled to do as he pleases. In turn, everyone else is here to serve him and meet his needs.Flo Woods, 15, from Oxfordshireand Citizens Bank will survive (the construction road closures), but small businesses are going to be hurt pretty bad, Geise said.For Lord Taylor, the alliance will provide another source of attracting shoppers for a chain that has struggled in recent years to keep up with changing consumer demand. Earlier this fall, the retailer sold its New York City flagship, a landmark, to co working startup WeWork, from which Lord Taylor will rent a smaller portion of floor space and continue to operate its store.
mulberry bag price 'Art For Well Beings' at the Emerson Center

mulberry bag price Austinites react to long lines ahead of winter storm

mulberry blue bayswater Austinites react to long lines ahead of winter storm

AUSTIN (KXAN) Long lines have been reported at Austin area grocery stores ahead of a winter storm expected to be the region most significant winter event since February 2011.

In a video sent to KXAN, a checkout line at the H E B in the Mueller neighborhood started at the end of a long aisle. Customers were seen with carts full of bread and other food items.

While the winter storm will be disruptive with drivers being told to stay off the roads Tuesday and many school and city office closures it is not forecast to be one for the record books, KXAN Jim Spencer says. And if you planning on making a last minute run to your local grocery store, keep in mind that this is going to be a single day event. In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Users who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. If you see an inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.
mulberry bag price Austinites react to long lines ahead of winter storm