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bag for women 3000 advance on your tax refund turn into

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Millennials and others who are looking for fast cash to pay holiday bills as well as unexpected car repairs and skyrocketing heating bills are being bombarded with TV ads, window signs and other pitches for tax refund advances.

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The pitch is tempting especially when the commercial says up to $3,000 could be available in an advance. Jackson Hewitt, which has its own refund advance product, noted that 43% of Millennial taxpayers polled indicated in a recent survey that they plan to use their tax refund to pay off holiday debt, compared with 31% of the general population.

The refund loan products are relatively new. Consumers must dig into the details to understand what kind of loan they might expect and exactly what’s being offered.

The advance loans are made by banks and secured by and repaid directly from a consumer’s tax refund. As a result, the size of the loans will be limited.

So if you’re owed a $3,000 tax refund, there’s no way you’re getting a $3,000 refund advance loan. Yet the big number is what consumers will see first.

Starting Friday through Feb. 28, a 0% interest loan for up to $3,000 will be offered to current and new customers at H Block. If approved, H Block says, clients will typically have access to money the same day they apply.

Jackson Hewitt has a product that promises up to $3,200 up from a maximum of $1,300 last year for a 0% interest loan.

Liberty Tax is promoting what it calls “the largest tax refund advance offer in the industry” with its Easy Advance Loan of up to $3,250 now through Feb. 28. No fees or interest are associated with the loan.

TaxSlayer, an online tax service, launched what it calls ” refundNOW,” where qualifying customers can receive an advance of up to $1,000 in as little as 48 hours of their e file being accepted by the Internal Revenue Service. Loan amounts are either $500 or $1,000.

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IRS cracking down on refund fraudTax refunds, of course, can be the single biggest financial payout for many consumers each year.

The demand for refund advance loans is being driven up after a crackdown to combat tax refund fraud.

The Internal Revenue Service is now required to hold back some tax refunds until at least mid February for those claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. Last year, about 15 million people who filed early in the season faced those delays.

The IRS warns tax filers that refunds that include such credits will not show up in a taxpayer’s bank account or debit card until at least Feb. 27 for those choosing direct deposit. But more delays could take place, if there are other issues with the tax return.

An important point: The delay applies to the entire refund not just the portion of refund money that’s associated with these credits.

So the IRS advises consumers not to bank on getting a refund by a certain date, especially when making major purchases or paying bills.

Tips to avoid fast loan problemsIf you feel you cannot wait, well, you’re going to be eager to listen when someone starts talking about ways to get fast cash. Here are some points to consider:

1) Everyone isn’t getting a 0% loan of $3,000 or so.

The available loan amounts at Liberty Tax are $500, $800, $1,300, and $3,250.

The actual loan amount will vary based on the expected refund amount, ID verification, eligibility criteria and underwriting.

The refund advance loans at H Block are in four different amounts $500, $750, $1,250 or $3,000 depending on what you’re qualified to receive.

H Block said a client needs to be due a federal income tax refund of at least $1,000 to be eligible for a Refund Advance and meet underwriting criteria.
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bag for women 3000 advance on your tax refund turn into