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Discount mulberry anthony bag Outlet Alberta Caucus focus in on rural crime

small mulberry purse Alberta Caucus focus in on rural crime

Dane Lloyd has set his sights on reducing crime in rural Western Canada alongside a dozen other members of a new task force aimed at doing just that.

The Sturgeon River Parkland MP is a member of the Alberta Rural Crime Task Force (ARCTF), a committee formed by the Alberta caucus to compile and generate feedback from rural communities across Alberta. The ARCTF, in conjunction with crime prevention organization and law enforcement organization, is currently working on recommendations to bring to the Canadian government in hopes of diminishing the problem.

been meeting, in particular, with citizen groups across the riding, said Lloyd. such as the Sturgeon County Crime Watch Organization, the Stony Plain District Crime Prevention Association, the Lac St. Anne outfit of Citizens on Patrol and also representatives frp, the police forces in the Edmonton area. said that the work the task force has done has been eye opening, but not surprising given feedback he received from constituents.

of the chief concerns is that we seeing a spike in property crimes. People are noting that people are coming onto their properties and doing damage, stealing car batteries, holiday trailers,
Discount mulberry anthony bag Outlet Alberta Caucus focus in on rural crime
vehicles, etc., Lloyd said. have had their homes broken into and this is a problem we having. said that another big concern he heard from citizen groups was a lack of boots on the ground when it came to police officers. Lloyd said that the problem stems primarily from a lack of resources at rural police detachments.

been a perception that there aren enough boots on the ground from our police forces. That in no way a criticism of our frontline police officers who are doing an excellent job, it just that they don have the resources to answer 911 calls in a timely manner and they don have the resources to follow up with investigations all of the time and its discouraging for the people of the riding, Lloyd said.

For that reason, Lloyd said that it important that federal RCMP negotiations put a focus on additional resources for detachments.

need to ensure that in the next round of negotiations, that the RCMP realize that we need to dedicate some additional resources and boots on the ground, Lloyd said. particular, it administrative staff (that needed) because many of our frontline officers are burdened with a great deal of administrative work which keeps them from getting out onto the streets and acting as a strong deterrent. not just a matter of throwing money at the problem, however, with Lloyd saying in times of economic deficit, he believes the issue becomes one of financial stewardship.

easiest answer is that more is all you need, but during times of budgetary deficit and scarce economic resources we need to steward those resources to the best of our ability. Just saying more money isn a solution,
Discount mulberry anthony bag Outlet Alberta Caucus focus in on rural crime
he added.

mulberry willow ALMA Board Approved Development of New Spectrometer for Morita Array

Discount mulberry coats Outlet ALMA Board Approved Development of New Spectrometer for Morita Array

In November 2017, the ALMA Board approved the development of a new spectrometer for the Morita Array designed and developed by Japan for the ALMA telescope. The development will be undertaken by Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) as part of the ALMA Future Development Program aiming to keep ALMA continuously producing remarkable scientific results for the future.

A principle investigator of the ACA spectrometer project, Jongsoo Kim, said: “The approval of the ACA spectrometer project by the ALMA board is a recognition of the cost effective development plan and the successful collaboration between KASI and NAOJ.” He also added that “An ACA spectrometer will become the first instrumental contribution to the ALMA community from Korea through the East Asia partnership. Credit: NAOJ/KASI

Satoru Iguchi, the East Asian ALMA project manager, said, is the first large development project led by the Korean ALMA project. Through the ALMA, we will foster stronger collaborations between KASI and NAOJ.

ALMA has achieved ultra high angular resolution by making a giant virtual telescope with fifty 12 m antennas that can be extended up to 16 km in diameter. On the other hand, the extended antenna configuration has a drawback in capturing radio emissions from astronomical objects that look extended in the sky. To compensate for the shortcoming, ALMA has the Morita Array, also known as the Atacama Compact Array (ACA), which enables a compact configuration with smaller spaces between the antennas. The Morita Array developed by Japan is composed of twelve 7 m antennas and four 12 m antennas. The twelve 7 m antennas are operated as an interferometer, while the four 12 m antennas are done as a single dish telescope. Radio waves collected by all ACA antennas are processed by the ACA Correlator.

The newly developed DRXP board for the new spectrometer with the function to receive digital optical signals transmitted from the antenna. Credit: NAOJ/KASI

As the present ACA Correlator is optimized to process signals from twelve 7 m antennas as an interferometer, the signal processing system is not optimized for four 12 m antennas as a single dish telescope. In this situation, KASI and NAOJ started discussions on the development of a dedicated digital spectrometer for the Morita Array 12 m antennas. The system is called “spectrometer” instead of “correlator” because spectroscopy function (to divide radio waves into different frequency ranges as light is dispersed into different colors by a prism) is needed in data processing for the ACA 12 m antennas but correlation function (to combine data from the antennas) is not necessary. With this development, signals from the 7 m antennas will be continuously processed by the ACA Correlator, while signals from the 12 m antennas will be separately processed by the new spectrometer, which makes it possible to maximize the capability of the Morita Array, especially in measuring the radio intensity very accurately.

Spectra of SiO emission lines in an old star T Cephei, obtained with the new spectrometer under development which was tentatively mounted on the Nobeyama 45 m radio telescope. Credit: NAOJ

In the development of the new digital spectrometer with GPU, KASI is responsible for the design, development, verification and shipping to Chile, while NAOJ assumes the development and system design of software and hardware and integration into the entire ALMA system. The collaborative development has already been started, and the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) for the spectrometer was held in February 2017. In response to the results of the review, the development plan was endorsed by the ALMA Scientific Advisory Committee (ASAC) and then officially approved by the ALMA Board. The Joint ALMAObservatory is operated by ESO, AUI/NRAO, and NAOJ.
mulberry willow ALMA Board Approved Development of New Spectrometer for Morita Array

Discount mulberry alexa outlet uk Outlet Alexandria Duval trial headed to final arguments

Discount mulberry bags men Outlet Alexandria Duval trial headed to final arguments

WAILUKU A crash that killed a woman was caused when a sport utility vehicle driven by her twin hit a berm and went out of control over a cliff near Hana, an accident reconstructionist said Wednesday.

Testifying as a defense witness in the 2nd Circuit Court murder trial of Alexandria Duval, Wayne Slagle said data retrieved from the SUV didn indicate that the driver was turning the steering wheel sharply left or accelerating to try to go over the cliff or into a rock wall before the crash.

my opinion that the left front tire hit the berm, you can almost call it a ramp, Slagle said when asked what caused the May 29, 2016, crash at Milepost 47.5 on Hana Highway. left front tire got caught in the berm and the vehicle shifted and rotated to the right. SUV was in a counterclockwise rotation when the passenger side of the SUV hit and went through a rock wall, causing some of the airbags to deploy, Slagle said.

its left front tire has gone airborne, Slagle said. speed increases because the tire is not touching the ground. It goes over the edge. said the front of the white 2016 Ford Explorer hit a rock outcropping before the vehicle rotated 180 degrees to land on its back end on rocks below.

The front seat passenger, Anastasia Duval, was first thrown forward into the windshield before ending up in the back portion of the SUV. She died at the scene of the crash.

Alexandria Duval, 39, has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder in her sister death.

With testimony concluded Wednesday afternoon, closing arguments were set for this afternoon in the bench trial. Judge Peter Cahill said he expected to reach a verdict Thursday. May 29, 2016, and saw the white SUV 100 to 200 feet down a cliff.

After Custer and officer Chase Bell made their way down to the SUV, Custer said he saw the driver inside and tried to open the door but couldn The SUV was still running, and he could smell gasoline, Custer said.

He said he reached in to turn off the car engine but couldn remove the key until he switched the vehicle into park.

After firefighters arrived and extricated the driver, Custer said he helped place her on a board to be airlifted out of the area. He was positioned above her head to shield her from debris caused by the helicopter. was able to detect the odor of alcohol, Custer said.

Portland, Ore. based Slagle, who was the only witness called by the defense, said he has done accident reconstruction and engineering work for 25 years. He said he has attended training seminars, done thousands of cases of accident reconstruction and testified hundreds of times in federal and state courts.

For the Hana crash, he reviewed police reports and data, took measurements and photographs at the crash scene and inspected the SUV in storage to reach opinions about the crash.

His opinions contradicted testimony a day earlier by Maui police Sgt. Lawrence Becraft, who was at the scene as a Vehicle Homicide Unit traffic investigator the night of the crash.

Becraft testified that evidence, including data he downloaded from the SUV control data recorder, showed the SUV was in a hard left turn and accelerating when it went off the roadway and through a grassy shoulder gap between two rock walls, with the passenger side hitting one rock wall.

The data included five seconds recorded before a leading to airbag deployment, Becraft said, and showed the SUV had been going straight before the sharp left turn.

In contrast, Slagle said steering data indicated driving of the SUV before it went off the road.

Witnesses who saw the SUV shortly before the crash reported the passenger was pulling the hair of the driver, whose head was being yanked toward the passenger.

believe there was a lot of jerking that went on in reaction, Slagle said.

Defense attorney Birney Bervar asked if the steering degrees measured before the sharp turn were with a person who trying to keep control of a vehicle, keep it on the road.

Bervar asked whether the steering data were consistent with someone turning the wheel 288 degrees out of a full 360 degrees. Slagle said, I believe that was the impact with the berm. for data showing the SUV was traveling 48.3 mph at the time, increasing from 40 mph a half second earlier, Slagle said, means one of the wheels came up and had no traction. when the left tire came off the road. the point where the SUV hit the berm, out of control, there nothing you can do now, Slagle said.

He took issue with Becraft testimony that both tires were on the asphalt when the speed was recorded at 48.3 mph. no way it could be on the asphalt, Slagle said. can get that much acceleration. said the varying percentages of acceleration, ranging from 0 to 100 percent, also indicated that the driver wasn trying to go off the cliff.

on this whole scenario here, if a person were trying to floor it and go off a cliff, I believe it would go to 100 percent and stay there, Slagle said. there was distractions going on, then I can understand why it erratic. flooring doesn actually happen until one second before it hits the berm.

think this is consistent with somebody trying to find the brake and not able to do it. It not consistent with somebody five seconds before, or even four seconds before, trying to put it to the floor, trying to go over a cliff or rock wall. defense rested its case Wednesday afternoon, following Slagle testimony.

When Judge Peter Cahill questioned Duval about her constitutional right to testify or not testify, she said, wish to not testify. Becraft was recalled to the stand as a prosecution rebuttal witness Wednesday afternoon, disagreeing with Slagle opinion that contact with the dirt berm could have caused the steering wheel to turn 288 degrees to the left.

was all driver input, Becraft said.

When the sharp turn occurs, vehicle is clearly, clearly on the roadway, Becraft said. is nowhere near the berm when that steering input began. a defense request, Judge Cahill ordered Becraft rebuttal testimony stricken after questioning a plainclothes police officer who was in the courtroom gallery during testimony by Becraft and Slagle. The officer said that during a break Wednesday she had talked to Becraft about how she didn agree with some of Slagle testimony.

Deputy Prosecutor Emlyn Higa said he was with Becraft and the officer when they spoke.

didn say anything to Sgt. Becraft that I didn say, Higa said. might have spoken three or four sentences while I was there. witnesses testified in the trial, which began Monday.
Discount mulberry alexa outlet uk Outlet Alexandria Duval trial headed to final arguments

mulberry seth messenger bag Alabama State Troopers Calling on Legislature to Ease Trooper Shortage

mulberry daria hobo Alabama State Troopers Calling on Legislature to Ease Trooper Shortage

Alabama State Troopers are saying accidents, fatalities, and injuries on the road are up and they believe it because of a shortage of troopers.

not an area I don think in the state that have the manpower that they need to sustain their patrol coverage, says Lt. David Steward, President of the Alabama State Trooper Association.

think thirty is a start. I hoping that it will be more the following year. Thirty is a good number but we definitely need more than that, says Steward.

has been a problem that has been a long time coming for many, many years but we rarely been in a position to hire personnel, says Neil Tew, Executive Director of the Alabama State Trooper Association.

Officials say there has also been a problem recruiting as they compete with other agencies.

5 to 10 years ago we would hire troopers and then we would literally have thousands of individuals apply for the position to get on the register. We seen that list shrink by 70 or even 80 percent, says Tew.

Officials say a recent study from the University of Alabama says the state needs around a thousand troopers on the highways.
mulberry seth messenger bag Alabama State Troopers Calling on Legislature to Ease Trooper Shortage

mulberry pink bag Allegations of horse neglect investigated

Discount mulberry outlets online Outlet Allegations of horse neglect investigated

Animal protection officer Jay Lester said Wednesday he is investigating the allegations under the Animal Protection Act, but would provide no further details.

Whitehorse RCMP were made aware of the allegations on Monday.

“YTG Animal Protection is investigatingthe matter and we are providing assistance and support as they require,” Const. Christine Grant said via email on Thursday.

Reached by phone Wednesday morning, the 69 year old Dillabough said he’d heard about the photos circulating online, but hadn’t seen them because he doesn’t have a computer.

Nor had he heard from the government regarding its investigation.

But he denied claims of any neglect.

When given a description of the photos, Dillabough explained each one.

The horse with the infected eye died after the infection spread to its other eye and then its brain, he said.

“I had that horse pumped up full of penicillin for quite a while, and he was over 20 years old.”

That horse died last winter the animal depicted in the photos lying in the field and Dillabough removed the carcass this past spring, as soon as he could, he said.

The skinny horse, he said, had worms. He’s since been dewormed and has gained weight.

And the horse with the infected gash on its lip isn’t one of his, he said.

Betty Irwin, a city councillor and manager of the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter, said Wednesday the shelter is aware of the photos, but won’t be getting involved.

“It isn’t that we wouldn’t like to get involved in the care of large animals but we just have no mandate to do so, and since it’s outside of city limits, of course, that’s another problem for us,” she said.

The matter is in the hands of the territory’s animal protection officer, Irwin pointed out.

Several concerned Whitehorse residents have been sharing the photos on Facebook and discussing how to help the horses.

Dillabough believes this is all a smear campaign against him because one of the women who’s been vocal about the alleged neglect owes him $6,600, he said.
mulberry pink bag Allegations of horse neglect investigated

small del rey mulberry Alberta man fights photo radar ticket and wins

Discount mulberry bags ebay Outlet Alberta man fights photo radar ticket and wins

A man who fought the law and won is hoping to inspire others to fight bad photo radar tickets after a rare victory in Whitecourt.

“It a bittersweet victory,” said Trevor Deets, who had a judge overturn his photo radar ticket in August. “I happy that I won, but it came with a lot of pain.”

This isn the first time Deets says he was issued a questionable violation notice adding he had paid those tickets to avoid the hassle of fighting them in court but the latest notice was the first time he was angry enough to take it to court. his red Ford truck was recorded failing to obey the posted speed limit, travelling 40 km/h in a 30 km/h zone.

Deets noticed the front end of another vehicle, a white truck, partially obscuring the back of his vehicle in the photo where Deets truck can be seen with its brake lights on approaching a red light and recalled another vehicle trying to pass him.

“The twig snapped that day and I said, not going to get another one over on me. thought, after this revelation, his ticket would be thrown out immediately, but the prosecution moved for a trial and Deets started the months long battle of fighting for disclosure of the method and mechanisms used to accuse him.

Through this disclosure, Deets got a copy of the original photo including the crosshairs indicating where the operator targeted the laser,
small del rey mulberry Alberta man fights photo radar ticket and wins
and sure enough, it was pointed at the white truck passing him.

On Aug. 27, the judge ruled in his favour and threw out the ticket.

“I was fighting this for the simple fact that enough is enough,” said Deets.

“Generally, the cards are stacked against you when you dealing with a photo ticket,” he said, crediting Deets ability to recall every detail and present a case that caused sufficient doubt with his courthouse victory.

This isn the first time a case like this has made it to a Whitecourt judge before being tossed. Roger Beaudoin successfully had his ticket overturned in January 2011 after he was incorrectly issued a violation notice when a speeding vehicle passed his own.

Deets hopes cases like his help encourage others to step up and fight bad tickets rather than paying into a system which he believes has become more about cash and less about safety, a sentiment shared by Mitchell.

“The job should be done properly, not in error, and certain processes should be in place where if there is a quality assurance issue, that it dealt with and doesn just get passed on to the paying public,” Deets said.
small del rey mulberry Alberta man fights photo radar ticket and wins

mulberry bayswater handbags ALMA Discovers Cold Dust Around Nearest Star

Discount mulberry bag with studs Outlet ALMA Discovers Cold Dust Around Nearest Star

The ALMA Observatory in Chile has detected dust around the closest star to the Solar System, Proxima Centauri. These new observations reveal the glow coming from cold dust in a region between one to four times as far from Proxima Centauri as the Earth is from the Sun. The data also hint at the presence of an even cooler outer dust belt and may indicate the presence of an elaborate planetary system. These structures are similar to the much larger belts in the Solar System and are also expected to be made from particles of rock and ice that failed to form planets.

Proxima Centauriis the closest star to the Sun. It is a faintred dwarflying just four light years away in the southern constellation ofCentaurus(The Centaur). It is orbited by the Earth sized temperate worldProxima b,discoveredin 2016 and the closest planet to the Solar System. But there is more to this system than just a single planet. The new ALMA observations reveal emission from clouds of cold cosmic dust surrounding the star. ALMA observations revealed the glow coming from cold dust in a region between one to four times as far from Proxima Centauri as the Earth is from the Sun. The data also hint at the presence of an even cooler outer dust belt and indicate the presence of an elaborate planetary system. These structures are similar to the much larger belts in the Solar System and are also expected to be made from particles of rock and ice that failed to form planets. Note that this sketch is not to scale to make Proxima b clearly visible it has been shown further from the star and larger than it is in reality. Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser

Dust belts are the remains of material that did not form into larger bodies such as planets. The particles of rock and ice in these belts vary in size from the tiniest dust grain, smaller than a millimetre across, up to asteroid like bodies many kilometres in diameter[2].

Dust appears to lie in a beltthat extends a few hundred million kilometres from Proxima Centauri and has a total mass of about one hundredth of the Earth’s mass. This belt is estimated to have a temperature of about 230 degrees Celsius, as cold as that of theKuiper Beltin the outer Solar System.

This image of the sky around the bright star Alpha Centauri AB also shows the much fainter red dwarf star, Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Solar System. The picture was created from pictures forming part of the Digitized Sky Survey 2. The blue halo around Alpha Centauri AB is an artifact of the photographic process, the star is really pale yellow in colour like the Sun. Credit:

Digitized Sky Survey 2 Acknowledgement: Davide De Martin/Mahdi Zamani

There are also hints in the ALMA data of another belt of even colder dust about ten times further out. If confirmed, the nature of an outer belt is intriguing, given its very cold environment far from a star that is cooler and fainter than the Sun. Both belts are much further from Proxima Centauri than the planet Proxima b, which orbits at just four million kilometres from its parent star[3].

Guillem Anglada explains the implications of the discovery:”This result suggests that Proxima Centauri may have a multiple planet system with a rich history of interactions that resulted in the formation of a dust belt. Further study may also provide information that might point to the locations of as yet unidentified additional planets.”

This chart shows the large southern constellation of Centaurus (The Centaur) and shows most of the stars visible with the naked eye on a clear dark night. The location of the closest star to the Solar System, Proxima Centauri, is marked with a red circle. Proxima is too faint to see with the unaided eye but can be found using a small telescope. Credit: ESO/IAU and Sky Telescope

Proxima Centauri planetary system is also particularly interesting because there are plans theStarshot project for future direct exploration of the system with microprobes attached to laser driven sails. A knowledge of the dust environment around the star is essential for planning such a mission. Further observations will give us a more detailed picture of Proxima planetary system. In combination with the study of protoplanetary discs around young stars,
mulberry bayswater handbags ALMA Discovers Cold Dust Around Nearest Star
many of the details of the processes that led to the formation of the Earth and the Solar System about 4600 million years ago will be unveiled. What we are seeing now is just the appetiser compared to what is coming!”

This picture combines a view of the southern skies over the ESO 3.6 metre telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile with images of the stars Proxima Centauri (lower right) and the double star Alpha Centauri AB (lower left) from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Proxima Centauri is the closest star to the Solar System and is orbited by the planet Proxima b, which was discovered using the HARPS instrument on the ESO 3.6 metre telescope. Credit: Y. Beletsky (LCO)/ESO/ESA/NASA/M.

[2] Proxima Centauri is quite an old star, of similar age to the Solar System. The dusty belts around it are probably similar to the residual dust in the Kuiper Belt and the asteroid belt in the Solar System and the dust that creates theZodiacal Light. The spectacular discs that ALMA has imaged around much younger stars, such asHL Tauri, contain much more material that is in the process of forming planets.

[3] The apparent shape of the very faint outer belt, if confirmed, would give astronomers a way to estimate the inclination of the Proxima Centauri planetary system. It would appear elliptical due to the tilt of what is assumed to be in reality a circular ring. National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) of Japan in cooperation with the Republic of Chile. ALMA is funded by ESO on behalf of its Member States, by NSF in cooperation with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the National Science Council of Taiwan (NSC) and by NINS in cooperation with the Academia Sinica (AS) in Taiwan and the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI).

ALMA construction and operations are led by ESO on behalf of its Member States; by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), managed by Associated Universities, Inc. (AUI), on behalf of North America; and by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) on behalf of East Asia. The Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) provides the unified leadership and management of the construction,
mulberry bayswater handbags ALMA Discovers Cold Dust Around Nearest Star
commissioning and operation of ALMA.

mulbery handbags Alexis Sanchez

Discount mulberry mulberry Outlet Alexis Sanchez

It’s like he makes his mind up anew every single day

The thing Mediawatch admires most about Stan Collymore is his willingness to change his opinion at the drop of a hat. His Daily Mirror column is headlined as ‘the man who speaks his mind’, but the small print fails to point out that said mind can change very quickly.

Tuesday brings us a truly wonderful example of the genre. You see Collymore has watched Alexis Sanchez in his three Manchester United games (although presumably not against Tottenham) and is mightily impressed. Paul Pogba needs to learn from him, apparently. Because Pogba isn 100% committed to being good at football.

‘What you get from Sanchez is 100% commitment. The Chilean international may be a superstar but he recognises the importance of putting the hard yards in for whichever team he is representing.’

‘The one thing Sanchez will do for whatever team he in is graft and put in a shift. You are pretty much guaranteed to get 90 minutes of effort out of him.’

‘Sanchez is a classic example of being something every team needs. If you are him, you may get back in the dressing room after having a five or six out of ten performance but the manager points to you and says ‘See him there. He hasn’t scored today. He has had an absolute shocker in front of goal but you know what he gave me? He gave me 100 percent effort and commitment and made himself a nuisance.’

You get the point, but to repeat: ‘100% commitment’, ‘putting the hard yards in for whichever team he is representing’ and ‘the one thing Sanchez will do for whatever team he in is graft and put in a shift’.

The repetition is necessary because Mediawatch remembers Sanchez leaving another club to join Manchester United not that long ago. And he left that other club under a little bit of a cloud after accusations that he’d become slightly selfish and that his commitment had actually been a little less than satisfactory.

Now Mediawatch doesn’t have a particularly strong view on that, but at least we know that Collymore does. Because Collymore has never doubted Sanchez’s commitment, his graft, his effort and his status as a team player, because he just said so.

So we’ll leave you to guess which pundit wrote in August:

‘Some Arsenal supporters seem happy to say, “Alexis Sanchez is a great guy, he a model pro” but I am sorry,
mulbery handbags Alexis Sanchez
he is not. He is angling to get out of Arsenal and he is not doing it in a proper way. He is a disgrace.’

And which pundit wrote last March:

‘When things don’t go his way, he throws his arms in the air and is more than happy for others to carry the can. His performance, despite scoring, was that of a man who looks happy to let the spotlight shine on Wenger rather than helping his team to win a game.

‘I honestly was undecided as to whether Alexis was a great pro getting frustrated or a bit of a snake just doing enough for himself but letting his manager down. I’m leaning towards the latter.’

‘100% committed’ at all times. Until he stops being 100% committed and crawls on his belly.

Elsewhere in his Daily Mirror column, Mediawatch largely agrees with Stan Collymore that Dele Alli has a big 12 months coming up. But the obsession to sell Alli as either angel or demon is really a bit much.

‘He can take one route and go on to become England’s most talented footballer.’

‘The alternative? It doesn’t quite happen for him over the next few years, Spurs and Mauricio Pochettino get fed up with him, he bounces from club to club.’

There is a middle ground. And that middle ground sits somewhere between being his country’s most talented player and a washed up nobody.

Mediawatch is enjoying this new jam of tabloid newspapers asking a former referee what they think and getting entirely different answers. Particularly when those former referees are highly critical of current referees while simultaneously disagreeing with each other.

Take Tiemoue Bakayoko’s red card on Monday evening:

In The Sun, Mark Halsey writes:

‘The first challenge was careless, he’s lost his balance and fallen onto him and not a yellow card. It’s a free kick only.

‘Five minutes later, Bakayoko produced a reckless challenge and got a second caution but he should not have been cautioned for the first one.’

So 1) first one not yellow, 2) second one yellow and therefore 3) no sending off.

In the Daily Mail, Graham Poll writes:

‘Chelsea were really hard done by when referee Mike Dean showed Tiemoue Bakayoko two yellow cards in five minutes.

‘While the first one on 25 minutes was correct as he threw himself on to Etienne Capoue,
mulbery handbags Alexis Sanchez
the second for a foul on Richarlison was extremely harsh. Bakayoko had not made another foul challenge following his caution and overstretched after a poor touch on 30 minutes.’

Discount mulberry online shop Outlet Alabama student expelled after posting racist videos on MLK Day

Discount leather mulberry bag Outlet Alabama student expelled after posting racist videos on MLK Day

“We hold our students to much higher standards, and we apologize to everyone who has seen the videos and been hurt by this hateful, ignorant and offensive behavior,” Bell said in a statement.

The videos, in which Barber repeatedly uses a racial slur for African Americans, were first posted on a private Instagram account, but recordings of the posts became widely shared on social media and brought to the attention of school administrators.

The 19 year old told the newspaper she had been expelled from the university and was returning home to New Jersey. The university would not confirm her expulsion. Spokesman Chris Bryant told the AP he could “only provide directory information, and this student is no longer enrolled.”

In the first Instagram video, Barber says, “I love how I act like I love black people because I . hate . .” In a second expletive filled video responding to criticism,
Discount mulberry online shop Outlet Alabama student expelled after posting racist videos on MLK Day
she says she’ll use the word “as much as I want.”

“I don’t care if it’s Martin Luther King Day,” she says before saying the slur again and again. She then says she will use the slur “as much as I want” noting she is both from New Jersey and, “I’m in the South now.”

Barber identified herself in the videos as a member of Alpha Phi sorority and said she had wanted to be in the sorority since high school. Linda Kahangi, executive director of Alpha Phi, said Wednesday that the student “is no longer a member of Alpha Phi.”

“Alpha Phi is a diverse, values based organization and condemns the language and opinions in these videos,” Kahangi wrote in an email response to a query from the AP. “They are offensive and hateful to both our own members and to other members of the Greek and campus community.”

In the videos, Barber referred to the Instagram account she was using as her “finsta,” a made up word meaning “fake Instagram,” a secondary account that some Instagram users create to share certain posts with a select number of people.
Discount mulberry online shop Outlet Alabama student expelled after posting racist videos on MLK Day

mulberry sale bags black friday allege threats and intimidation

bag insert organizer allege threats and intimidation

BOSTON Hundreds of workers employed by JetBlue subcontractors at Logan Airport have voted to strike, citing alleged intimidation and threats over their attempts to organize as union members.

“We expect even more to join us in the coming days,” Dayel Gathers, who works for subcontractor FSS, said Friday morning, joined by FSS and ReadyJet workers at the Boston offices of 32BJ Service Employees International Union. “Illegal intimidation and threats won’t stop us from organizing to make airport jobs better, not only for ourselves but for the passengers that depend on us every day.”

The workers baggage handlers, wheelchair assistants, and cabin cleaners are hoping to meet with their employers to bargain for higher wages and improved working conditions, but say they’ve encountered threats over their intent to organize.

A strike date has not yet been selected, Gethers said. The date could be set at a meeting planned for this weekend, according to a union official, and the strike would likely occur within the next week or two.

FSS and ReadyJet officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“Yo estoy con ustedes,” Sen. “We all stand with you today.”

The subcontractors have engaged in “unscrupulous business practices,
mulberry sale bags black friday allege threats and intimidation
” Boncore said, noting previous successful fights against wage theft and saying the workers are facing “poverty” wages.

“This fight, to unionize and strike, this is a fight we’ll win also,” Boncore said. “This is a fight we have to win because it’s a sad day in this country when people have to fight for what is already their given right, what is already the federal law.”

“It’s important to you to understand that we stand with you,” said Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, a former labor official himself. “You took a vote to strike and that vote means that we’re serious about asking the companies to sit down at the bargaining table and have conversations.”

The mayor also mentioned “friends” that he said are security guards. “We will stand with you as well,” he said, drawing applause.

The fight, East Boston Rep. Adrian Madaro said, is over “equality and justice.”

“We should not have to be here fighting for your right to organize,” said Madaro. “We shouldn’t have to be here fighting for fair wages and benefits for workers in Boston in the United States of America. Yet here we are and the fight continues, and we will be with you side by side until this is resolved and you have my word that we will win this fight.”
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