vintage mulberry bag 2013 NASCAR Preview

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We haven even had the first points race yet, and NASCAR fans are all ready sick of the Danica Patrick coverage. The question is. how long will it last?

Like any athlete who popular for reasons other than their performance on the court, the issue people have with Danica is that she hasn done ANYTHING on the track to deserve all the attention.

The question really is, what sort of a leap does she make this season, running Cup full time? Last year in this blog, I projected that she would win a Nationwide race. She never really came close.

And I don think that she will come close to winning a Cup race this year. But the fact that she won this pole does signify that she coming along. And while there are some fans that have said she would NEVER win a Sprint Cup race, I disagree. I think she will wind up in victory lane, eventually.

So for all of you NASCAR fans who are sick of Danica, she not going away. But midway through the season, when she 26th in points, she won nearly dominate the headlines like she doing now.

Other thoughts about the upcoming season:

Brad Keselowski will regress. I not saying that he not a talented driver. But it happens all the time young guys win a championship, and they rest on their laurels the following year. LOTS went right for Kes last year, and he a talented guy, but I can see him getting the breaks again.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will not be a factor. He might make the Chase, but I sick of predicting that he is going to get back into contention. I just done with him.

JGR will dominate. Adding Matt Kenseth to the stable will elevate all of Gibbs racing. JGR will win more races than any other team, including Hendrick.

Kevin Harvick will win plenty of races, but fall short again. Harv is becoming the best driver not to have won a championship. Something always keeps him just a little bit short. And it will again.

Kyle Busch will win the 2013 Sprint Cup. After an awful 2012 season, Rowdy figures it out, and now in the strongest stable in the garage, he the surprise strongest car. Add the fowl, soup in addition to lemon juice, getting with a steam.

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vintage mulberry bag 2013 NASCAR Preview