small black bags 2018 Sienna a ride fit for all your princes and princesses

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A minivan should logically be the best choice for growing families, as it offers space galore to pack in children and gear.

Alas, the segment suffers from an identity crisis. Consumers see minivans as a rite of passage, a necessary tool when children are afoot. Young parents will sacrifice their dreams of sports cars on the altar of practicality.

If you’ve been looking at vehicles lately, you might have noticed that many have ditched V 6 engines, with more and more turbocharged fours on the market.

Not in the minivan market, where all four entrants are still equipped with V 6s a 3.5 litre in the Sienna’s case. The Toyota has the most powerful engine in the class, with 296 horsepower and 263 foot pounds of torque. Put the pedal to the metal (without your kids on board, please) and you will be propelled to 100 km/h in about eight seconds, which is the fastest of the group.

The V 6 is mated to an eight speed automatic and, unique in this segment, all wheel drive. The latter is an important plus for Canadian buyers, as many have flocked to SUVs because of their ability to tackle snow and less than ideal driving conditions.

The powerful engine and all wheel drive are combined with decent suspension dynamics, should you choose to blow the cobwebs away once in a while but this is no sports sedan.

Instead, this is a comfortable highway cruiser with an impressive 2,470 litre cargo capacity behind the second row seats and 1,100 litres with all seats up.

A note of caution for those with something to tow: The base and XLE AWD models only come with a 454 kilogram towing capacity, well short of the 1,585 kg maximum found in the rest of the line. This despite being outfitted with a standard transmission cooler.

Depending on the configuration, you can equip the Sienna as either seven or eight passenger configuration. Swapping out a bench for two captain’s chairs in the second row accounts for the loss of one passenger seat.

The second row seats have a wide range of travel, so it will be popular with people with long femurs. Unlike the Pacifica, the second row seats don’t stow in the floor you have to remove them and store them elsewhere. With all the seats removed and the third row seats retracted into cubbyholes in the floor, the Sienna can easily swallow up a four by eight piece of plywood or drywall.

While you have a view of the road, your rear passengers can watch movies on a 16.4 inch screen. If they, like most siblings, can’t agree on what to watch, they can split the screen. They can watch videos or play two different computer games with sound coming from wireless headphones. Five USB accessory power outlets and a 120V outlet are sprinkled about the cabin.

The infotainment system, with its eight inch screen, has Bluetooth but lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

A dash mounted gearshift lever frees up space on the centre console. The console between the front seats holds a lot of gear, and cubbyholes abound.

Dual power sunroofs give rear occupants a higher level of comfort almost akin to that of a limousine for the second row. Adults can survive in the third row seats, which are light years better than any three row mid sized SUV. Power sliding doors welcome your passengers at the touch of a button or the handle.

The Sienna comes with a three zone automatic climate control and rear heater ducts, but its most impressive feature is a deodorizing air filter.

The Sienna comes equipped with a comprehensive active and passive safety suite, including automatic collision alert, radar cruise control, pedestrian detection and lane departure alert with steering assist. Lesser equipped Siennas still come with nice safety features such as blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert.

A minivan might not get your heart beating faster, but the increased competition has made them more refined and, in the case of the XLE model, more luxurious. A ride fit for all the princes and princesses in your life.
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small black bags 2018 Sienna a ride fit for all your princes and princesses