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Sometimes memories can leave us feeling uncertain, fulfilled or everything in between and can, at times, shape the path along which many choices are made.

For Hermiston, her pride in being an Ojibway woman is strong, this identity challenged back then as a little girl, because her mother, Anne, was also challenged and belittled because they were Aboriginal.

Hermiston was coming home from school and always walked the same path, which took her through the backyard of a not so nice little girl, whom she usually avoided.

one time her mother came out and I don remember exactly what she said to me, but I was crying when I got home, Hermiston told The Sault Star in a recent interview.

Her mother asked what happened to make her cry and then took her daughter back to the woman house in order to defend her. She told the woman that she made her daughter cry.

What came next has been a haunting reflection ever since.

Hermiston, 65, remembers her mother was wearing an old pair of running shoes with a rip in the toe. The woman began yelling at her at the top of the stairs and then pushed her down on the chest.

She fell part way down the steps, but was saved by the rip in the shoe that caught on something, breaking her fall.

The woman then yelled at them to go back to the reservation where they belonged and called Hermiston mother a black squaw.

Hermiston could not believe what she had just witnessed or heard. But the worry that her mom wouldn have any shoes now made her sad. Instead, her mother took her hand and told her how to deal with this.

told me to not go there, keep your eyes down and don talk to anybody. That what we were told and if you keep your eyes down and mouth shut, they won bother you. Don draw attention to yourself.

But on the other hand, her mother raised them to be proud of who they were, that they were Nolans.

Uncles Frank and Richard were boxers, her grandmother and their mother was Fanny Nolan. She was loved by everyone, just all sorts of people in the area and was a lovely strong woman.

the racism card was always there; you were Indian. That the way it was back then, said Hermiston.

At present Hermiston is enrolled at Algoma University. She is taking a course taught by Jerry Fontaine, professor of Anishnawbe studies at the university.

His classes discuss many subjects, including treaties and how Indigenous people were treated by the Europeans when these treaties were developed.

Treaties were not translated into the Indigenous languages and were often mandatory. And even though the Indigenous people were willing to share; this sharing wasn an option.

Hermiston spook one night during a class about these realities and was reduced to tears.

just can wrap my head around this, it is 2018, how does this still happen? she asked.

Around the same time she had lunch with her sister who has a degree in political science.

said Carol, go and look up and read Doctrine of Discovery it will blow your mind.

The Doctrine of Discovery information did just that, but it also provided reasoning into why some people treat Aboriginals they way they do, why the judicial system fails them so often and why the loss of their languages and cultures was part of the plan to get rid of them altogether.

Furthermore, this documentation has opened up her awareness into the reasoning of this centuries old practice of European invasion, colonization and enslavement of non Christian Indigenous peoples of the world.

Hermiston had read that this doctrine was used to dehumanize, exploit, subjugate, enslave and dispose them of their basic human rights. Even today, countries, including Canada, have laws that constitute a continuing misinterpretation of international law related to the Doctrine of Discovery.

A Dec. 6, 2016 documentation on the Green Party of Canada home page said that European nations were relentless in their determination to seize and control Indigenous lands.

It goes on to describe Papal bulls, such as Dum Diversas (1452) and Romanus Pontifex (1455), calling for non Christian peoples to be invaded, captured, vanquished, subdued, reduced to perpetual slavery, with possessions and property seized by Christian monarchs.
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mulberry sale outlet 2012 'That's the way it was back then'