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mulberry outlet store york 2017 Qilak Award
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Dr. Chastenay received his MSc in Astrophysics from Universit Laval, in Quebec City, in 1987. He then embarked on a remarkable career in public science communications and earned a PhD in Science Education from Universit de Montral in 2013.

Dr. Chastenay has been a leader in astronomy education and outreach in Canada for over 30 years. He led the development of over 100 long running programs at the Plantarium de Montral from 1988 to 2013. He was host of 156 episodes of Tlscience from 1996 to 2007 and over 200 episodes of Le Code Chastenay, which won a Prix Gmeaux in 2016. As a professor at UQAM, he has been creating educational materials for both students and teachers, and he has effectively been training a new generation of science teachers. The sheer breadth of his achievements (TV/radio, books, articles, planetarium programs) has earned him the prestigious distinction of becoming Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Pliade.

CASCA is delighted to recognize Dr. Chastenay’s long and distinguished record of outstanding contributions to communicating astronomy to Canadians.

La Socit canadienne d’astronomie CASCA a le plaisir de remettre le Prix Qilak 2017 au Professeur Pierre Chastenay, de l’Universit du Qubec Montral.

Pr. Chastenay a complt une matrise en astrophysique l’Universit Laval (Qubec) en 1987, avant d’entreprendre une remarquable carrire en communication scientifique auprs du grand public. En 2013, il a complt un doctorat en didactique des sciences l’Universit de Montral.

Pr. Chastenay est un chef de file en ducation en astronomie et en communication avec le public depuis plus de 30 ans. Au Plantarium de Montral, il a produit ou ralis plus de 100 spectacles de plantarium entre 1988 et 2013. Il a anim 156 pisodes de l’mission de vulgarisation scientifique Tlscience entre 1996 et 2007 et plus de 200 pisodes du Code Chastenay (gagnant d’un Prix Gmeaux en 2016). Comme professeur de didactique des sciences l’UQAM, il a conu du matriel ducatif tant pour les lves que les enseignants. La somme de ses accomplissements (tlvision et radio, livres, articles, spectacles de plantarium) lui a mrit la prestigieuse distinction de devenir Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Pliade.

La Socit canadienne d’astronomie CASCA est fire de souligner la longue et prolifique carrire du Pr. Chastenay et ses contributions exceptionnelles l’ducation en astronomie du public canadien.
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mulberry outlet store york 2017 Qilak Award