mulberry bag 2014 police report sheds light on how he avoided criminal charges

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Discount mulberry bag care Outlet 2014 police report sheds light on how he avoided criminal charges

Larry Nassar is led back into the courtroom in Ingham County (Mich.) Circuit Court on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018, during the sixth day of victim impact statements.

Matthew Dae Smith, Lansing (Mich.) State Journal

LANSING, Mich. Both Rachael Denhollander and Amanda Thomashow told police Larry Nassar sexually assaulted them, but the ensuing investigations ended with drastically different results.

Denhollander’s report in 2016 and the media attention that followed prompted a wave of new reports against Nassar, criminal convictions in state and federal court and a seven day sentencing hearing that included 156 victim impact statements.

Thomashow’s report, filed nearly two and a half years prior, ended without criminal charges and the opinion from prosecutors that what Nassar had done was medical.

Nassar was a highly regarded Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics doctor; both women say they were abused in his university office.

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Police reports from Thomashow’s investigation, which the Lansing (Mich.) State Journal obtained Thursday through a public records request, shed light on the defense Nassar was able to mount by explaining his medical treatment and providing police with materials he said supported his position.

When Denhollander came forward to report Nassar, she brought “an entire file of evidence” with her, including medical journal articles undercutting the validity of what Nassar had claimed was medical technique, she said in her victim impact statement during his sentencing hearing.

She said she knew she needed to be prepared because she believed others had spoken up about Nassar and had their concerns dismissed.

“He had developed a built in defense,” Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis said Wednesday before Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison on seven sexual assault charges, including one related to Denhollander.

“No coach should be in the shower with a boy. No priest has any excuse for any type of sexual touching. But Nassar perfected a built in excuse in defense. He was a doctor, and a good one, so the world thought.”

Thomashow was among the more than 100 women and girls who gave victim impact statements during Nassar’s sentencing. She spoke on the second day.

“Larry, the thing that you didn realize while you were sexually assaulting me and all of these young girls,” she said, ” is that you were also building an army of survivors.”

A denied warrant request In April 2014, Thomashow, then a recent Michigan State University graduate, told the university and its police department that Nassar sexually assaulted her during a medical appointment.

During that appointment, Nassar cupped her buttocks and then, about an hour into the session, he sent the only other person present, a female resident, out of the examination room, she told them. Then he massaged her breast and vaginal area.

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She told him to stop,
mulberry bag 2014 police report sheds light on how he avoided criminal charges
but he didn’t. He only stopped when she physically removed his hands from her. Thomashow’s report didn’t include vaginal penetration, but Denhollander’s did, a key detail that also might have played a role in how the two complaints were investigated and reviewed for charges.

Thomashow reported Nassar to Michigan State University’s Title IX office and the university police department about two weeks after the appointment, records show.

Amanda Thomashow, center, becomes emotional after seeing supporters lining the sidewalk outside the courthouse after day six of victim impact statements in Larry Nassar sentencing hearing Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018 in Lansing, Mich. Thomashow told Michigan State University and the university police department in 2014 that Nassar sexually assaulted her during a medical appointment.

Nick King, Lansing (Mich.) State Journal

Nassar met with police May 29, 2014, about two months after the appointment. He already had been removed from clinical duties, a result of the Title IX investigation stemming from Thomashow’s report.

“Nassar stated he is not saying he did not touch (Thomashow),” Capt. Valerie O’Brien, who at the time was a detective, wrote in the report. “Nassar stated he purposely touched her there. Nassar stated he has been doing this since 1997. ‘What now, what happened?’ ”

Two women have said that in 1997 they raised concerns about Nassar to Michigan State University’s women’s gymnastics coach Kathie Klages, who cautioned them from reporting Nassar; Klages then told Nassar the women raised concerns.

After the 2014 interview with police, Nassar began sending O’Brien emails, including later that day, with lectures, videos and references to other doctors who performed similar procedures, all meant to show that what he did was medical.
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mulberry bag 2014 police report sheds light on how he avoided criminal charges
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