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Discount when is the mulberry sale 2013 Outlet ‘Maze Runner’ impresses until the very end

When the film, The Maze Runner hit screens in 2014 it came as quite the sleeper hit. The James Dashner novels were known to some but weren’t seemingly in mainstream media . yet. The follow up movie, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials came out the following year and continued to tell the great story that it really was. However, a gap of three years separated Scorch Trials and its conclusion, Maze Runner: The Death Cure. As history has shown us, prolonged gaps in a series can prove detrimental. Such is NOT the case with the third film.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure picks up where Scorch Trials left off. Thomas has banded together former Gladers and other outsiders to take down, once and for all, WCKD, and their reign of dictatorship. In doing so, Thomas and his friends hope to finally uncover just what WCKD had planned for them the first moment they were forced into the Maze, and what Thomas’ role in the grand scheme of things really is.

Like all good trilogies, a firm understanding of its predecessors is required to understand this flick. That said, the trilogy runs together seamlessly, telling the tale in one long narrative. I found the action to be non stop. It seemed that just when things seemed in the clear, there was more resistance to the band’s attempt to restore freedom. And for the fact that we are dealing with two plus hour films (the last one running at 141 minutes), I found there was never time to catch your breath and I loved it.

The characters were introduced in the first film, and as the series progressed, you keep learning more about them, preventing anything from getting stale. Dylan O’Brien (most recently in the flick, American Assassin), continues to dominate his screen time, while not overcrowding from the wide array of other characters that are pivotal in the story being told. Game of Thrones star, and Irish actor, Aiden Gillen does a fantastic job of playing Jansen, WCKD’s chief enforcer. The dynamic between Jansen and Thomas is one of the many great things this film offers.

From the insane action, to the well made dystopian geography, Maze Runner: The Death Cure is the first great action movie of 2018. Get the full effect and rent or buy The Maze Runner and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and see for yourself just how well they play out leading into this final epic conclusion. Check it out tonight!
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Discount how much is a mulberry bag Outlet 'Maze Runner' impresses until the very end