mulberry daria pouch black A breakdown of everything we know in the Aztec deadly school shooting

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mulberry duffle bag A breakdown of everything we know in the Aztec deadly school shooting

PHOTOS: 3 killed in deadly school shootingWHO ARE THE VICTIMS:

Casey Jordan Marquez was an Aztec senior. Family said the 17 year old cheerleader was planning to travel to Florida to participate in the National Cheerleading Orange Bowl.

Casey’s GoFundMe pageFrancisco “Paco” Fernandez was an Aztec junior and football player. Governor Susana Martinez said she spoke with the boy’s family who said talked about what a great, smart kid he was.

Paco’s GoFundMe pageWHO WAS THE SHOOTER:

New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas identified 21 year old William Atchison as the shooter.

Atchison worked a local gas station but FBI officials said he was a former Aztec High student.

Officials said he has planned the shooting and released a post he had written on a gaming website the morning of the shooting at 6:51.

“If things go according to plan, today would be when I die.

I wait until the school buses are detected, then head on foot disguised as a student.

I go somewhere and gear up, then hold a class hostage and go ape st,
mulberry daria pouch black A breakdown of everything we know in the Aztec deadly school shooting
then blow my brains out.

Work sucks, school sucks, life sucks.

I just want out of this st.”


Disguised as a student Atchinson went to the school with a backpack with a 9mm and several magazines inside, officials said.

They went on to add Atchison went to the bathroom to confront students.

Class was already in session and the first victim, Francisco, excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he walked in, Atchinson shot him.

Atchison walked out of the bathroom and shot his second victim, Casey Jordan.

Officials said the school’s faculty and staff sprung into action upon hearing the shots.

Atchison continued to walk up and down the hallway firing shots into classrooms. He entered a computer lab and fired shots over students’ heads and walked out.

At some point, officials said Atchison turned the gun on himself.

When law enforcement responded to the scene they had to break a window to get into the school. Once they got inside they found Atchison dead with the gun and multiple loaded magazines near him.

Officials did say the resource officer was not at the school at the time.


As Chief Kassetas said they will never know as the shooter took his own life.

But FBI officials add that it was evident Atchison wanted police to find his thumb drive and once the investigation is complete, they may be able to shed more light as to the why of what happened.

As for the victims, officials said they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They add that while unfortunate, Francisco going to the bathroom saved lives.

“Paco, it was unfortunate circumstance, but by doing that he saved lives. Because I think the suspect would have gone into a classroom and it would have been worse. That kid is a hero,” Chief Kassestas said.
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mulberry daria pouch black A breakdown of everything we know in the Aztec deadly school shooting
a nonprofit that works with colleges and high schools on prevention.

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The loss of each individual is unique, and the documentary shows the desire each family has to help others who are going through loss.”[Her voice] was so precious and we all know now she’s going to be with the Lord,” said Jean Phillips, a family friendFor these winter evenings when we have exhausted what we want for supper, try this:According to those at RelationshipRx, there are some easy steps people can take to build more intimacy and strengthen their relationships on a daily basis.
mulberry purse wallet A botched surgery left a barber with erectile dysfunction

The old man booked his appointment under an alias.

Allen Gold that what he called himself. But his real name was Stanwood Elkus.

At home in Lake Elsinore, California, the retired barber tended to the final details with solicitous care. Bullets were loaded into a Glock 21 handgun.

Then, on January 28, 2013, the 75 year old trekked the 55 miles to a medical complex in Newport Beach, a swanky Orange County enclave with one of the most expensive housing markets in the country.

He went inside to the second floor urology department and checked in under the alias. A nurse ushered him to an examination room. And when the doctor, a married father of two named Ronald Gilbert, walked through the door, Elkus pulled his Glock and squeezed the trigger 10 times, according to prosecutors. The shots punched through the doctor chest and neck, ending the physician life just days before his 53rd birthday.

Elkus then turned to a nurse. “I insane,” he said, “call the police,” according to testimony reported by Patch.

But the violent shooting was not, according to law enforcement, the work of a psyche cut loose from reality, but that of a sane man derailed by revenge. As Elkus murder trial opened this summer, prosecutors argued the shooting was tied to an earlier botched medical procedure that had left the defendant with a guttering sex drive and erectile dysfunction, as the Orange County Register reported. Elkus anger snowballed over two decades, eventually spurring him to homicide.

“Mr. Elkus began to blame all of his problems on this procedure,” prosecutor Matt Murphy told jurors, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Whatever went wrong in his life he blame on the procedure. He obsessed over this.”

The jury agreed, finding Elkus guilty of first degree murder in late August. On Monday, the now 79 year old Elkus, wheelchair bound and nearly deaf, was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Elkus and Gilbert firstcrossed paths originally in 1992, the Times reported, when Elkus walked into a Veterans Affairs hospital in Long Beach complaining about frequent urination.

Gilbert was only a resident then, a friendly presence at the hospital who played piano for patients on the weekends, according to the Times. He worked alongside doctors who diagnosed the patient problem as urethral stricture a narrowing of the urethra. Gilbert recommended the surgery, the Register reported, but did not participate in the actual procedure aimed at widening Elkus urethra.

Elkus was left with incontinence, a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Making matters worse, different doctors later told Elkus he had been misdiagnosed and theprocedure had been unnecessary.

Eventually, Elkus blamed the loss of a longtime girlfriend that he hoped to marry on the medical problems caused by the VA work. The grudge fixed on Gilbert, and continued to boil until Elkus decided to seek revenge. According to prosecutors, the retiree purchased his handgun in December 2012. He also mapped out directions to Gilbert current office.

In the meantime, the doctor career rocketed. Besides his medical practice, Gilbert and a partner started a pharmaceutical company focused on treatments for sexual dysfunction. The day before walking into the examination room where Elkus waited, Gilbert had actually received a $30 million offer from a corporate buyer.

“I will never understand how cruel that is,” Gilbert partner told the Times after the murder. “To have that moment followed 12 hours later, 14 hours later, by something like that. In a million years you couldn script that.”

Eklus was arrested but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

At his trial, his attorneys argued the defendant was not in control of his actions on the day he gunned the doctor. An antidepressant Elkus was taking in the days before the encounter weakened his inhibitions, the defense argued, the Times reported. Dementia and brain damage further incapacitated his control and empathy, the defense stressed.

The trial lasted three weeks. After only 40 minutes of deliberation, the jury returned a guilty verdict. On Monday, Gilbert family was given the opportunity to speak at the sentencing hearing.

“The world was robbed of a model citizen,” Gilbert wife, Elizabeth, told the court. “Our children were robbed of an amazing father.”

Elkus, however, was not listening. He pulled out his hearing aids as the family members spoke, according to the Times. He put them back on to hear Judge Patrick Donahue deliver the maximum sentence.
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del rey bag A botched surgery left a barber with erectile dysfunction

mulberry bush leeds A Beautiful World Alaskan Obituaries that Inspire the Angels

Barbara Ewart, Maple RidgeTop of page between the DCP and the patient is important if the working relationship is to be successful. The patient needs to feel confident in the practice team, comfortable with the situation and trust that the practitioners are knowledgeable.The women basketball team has reached the Postseason Women NIT each of the last two years and played in the Preseason WNIT in 2016 17, and last season the softball team qualified for the National Invitational Softball Championship.In a typical year, about 27.1 percent of homes sell in the spring months between March and May. economic fundamentals of the housing market have been good for the last several months, and we were expecting solid growth this spring, but double digit sales growth is impressive, Kruse said.
michael kors bags cheap uk A Beautiful World Alaskan Obituaries that Inspire the Angels

She recounts the many life lessons she’s learned writing obituaries in a small town in her new book: Find the Good.

Haines is a tiny coastal community (population about 2,000) located on a narrow spit of land that stretches out into the sea. Surrounded by mountains and only accessed by boat, plane, or a few roads leading out of town, the close knit quality of daily life there may be one reason her obituaries are so intimate and personal. Lende has usually met anyone who dies there.

Lende recounts a wealth of common sense and deep thoughts accumulated over the years, ever since she was assigned her first obituary in 1996. Each chapter of the book tells a story that’s quirky and profound, while highlighting Lende’s unique writing skills and innate ability to find the good, even in the saddest stories.

“Writing obituaries is my way of transcending bad news. It has taught me the value of intentionally trying to find the good in people and situations, and that practice and I do believe that finding the good can be practiced has made my life more meaningful.”

Bad news is not unknown in Haines, which Lende says is a difficult place economically. The town is populated by artists, “aging hippies,” young families, small shop owners, state workers, fishermen and Tlingit Native Americans. Nobody has a “career,” and you won’t find any big retail or chain stores in Haines, whose rundown main street is populated by small “1950’s” style shops. This makes every single citizen special to Lende, and she says every obituary gets the same respect and attention.

“I think ordinary people are successful. Today, it seems we only hear about celebrities or people who do awful dramatic things, and I want people to know I think it’s successful to be a schoolteacher, or a janitor, or a nurse, or a fisherman. Those are the people we depend on, those are the people who make a community and that saves us as a society.”

Lende has had to compare darkness with light in her own life as well. She loves her home in Haines, where she lives surrounded by her family, her garden, her chickens and a beloved golden retriever named Pearl, but she’s no stranger to tragedy. She was nearly killed ten years ago when a truck ran her over. She had a slow recovery, spent largely in a nursing home, where she says she was stunned by the sheer kindness of complete strangers. The experience led her to become a hospice volunteer and sit with patients who are dying, which she considers an honor. “We’re all writing our own Obituary every day,” she says, “by how we live.”

Lende’s goal is to find the good in every person’s life, no matter how hard she has to look for it. She visits with relatives of the deceased, researches online, talks to friends and distant relatives, until she finds the nuggets in a life that shine. Every life, in Lende’s hands, is notable and important. Every person had or did something good at one time and she hunts those moments and facts down with the spirit of a kind hearted but hard hitting investigative reporter.

“I begin each obituary with a phone conversation, followed by a visit. For reasons I’m not sure of, but that one priest told me may be my calling, I am able to enter a grieving household, pull up a chair, sip some coffee, observe, listen, ask questions that (I hope) will ease the pain, take notes, and recognize the authentic lines when I hear them. Finding the good in this situation is often challenging; it is not always obvious. If I concentrate and am patient, though, it will reveal itself.”

As Lende collects memories and details from a person’s life, she fashions them together like pearls on a line, building a case for each individual. She finds divinity in the details and poetry in the mundane. She finds grace and mercy within every death she writes about, even amidst every disaster and tragedy.

“After an elder who has been housebound and incapacitated by a stroke for 25 years dies, I find time to sit on the sofa and look through family albums with his widow and admire how handsome he was in his World War II uniform and how happy they both looked on that beach vacation the year before he was stricken.

When 12 year old twins lose their mother to cancer, I will quote their father praising them and tell how he plans to take them on a family drive across the country to see their grandparents. And perhaps hardest of all, on the snowy winter morning when I meet with the parents and siblings of a young man who drank too much one night and shot himself, I write down how very much he had loved to swim in the lake in front of their summer cabin.”

When asked why she goes to such lengths to find the good in each obituary, Lende admits an ulterior motive. “I’m a church goer and I’d like to believe in Heaven. I asked my friend, Father Blainey, an old school Catholic priest from Boston, if non believers go to heaven and he said to me: ‘When your time is up and you meet St. Peter at the gate, he’s going to ask you one question: Have you been good to Gods people? And if you can answer yes, you’ve got it made.’

And so maybe every time when I’m writing an obituary I try to find some place or one moment where that person was good to somebodyand write it down. I consciously try to find the good in that person’s life, I want to make sure it’s documented so that person can be eternal in some way. So maybe that’s why I spend so much time writing obituaries. In that way, I’ve helped give someone a ticket to heaven.”

So that’s the secret behind Lende’s obituaries, the reason she takes such care with each one. She’s doing no less than writing people tickets to heaven, making a final appeal to the angels for even the most unlikely souls. She’s doing nothing short of making a case for each person’s place in eternity, be that here in our minds on earth, or out there somewhere in the next world.

When asked if she’s thought about writing her own obituary, Lende laughs and says no. One size won’t fit all of them. I took another tack. I pretended I was on my deathbed. (I’m 54, have survived being run over by a truck, and I had a headache, which I worried might be a brain tumor, so this was not such a big leap.) I imagined I’d already said goodbye to my husband, children, grandchildren and all the great grandchildren I hadn’t even met yet. If indeed all the wisdom I had in my heart was to be summed up in final words and it was difficult to speak more than, say, three, what would I rasp before my soul flew up the chimney? Find the good. I surprised myself with this pretty great notion. Find the good. That’s enough. That’s plenty. I could leave my family with that.”
You have to pay a higher down payment to avoid being upside down in the loan (owing more than the car is worth).Experts offer ways to reduce stressAt the Junior Varsity level (season Average 15 19), participating members included Skyler Archambeau, Shyann Stewart, and Ty Pulcher.But he has no plans to do anything of the sort.At home, many South Floridians were left to cope with stairwells instead of elevators, cold showers instead of hot ones and life after dark by flashlight.
mulberry bush leeds A Beautiful World Alaskan Obituaries that Inspire the Angels

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Even though Paul knows his son has passed, there are days when he still waits for Jason to come home; he sleeps on the couch, facing the door.Three Seldom Used But Highly Effective Coping SkillsABC’s “My Generation” takes the form of a documentary chronicling the stories of young adults in the present day, intercut with footage flashing back to them as graduating seniors a decade ago.Dave Rushlow, a certified grief counselor, said the goal for the meeting was to help everyone learn how to deal with the “new normal” they are experiencing after Saturday’s accident.”Lastly, what I would encourage you to do is to develop a safety plan. If your child does identify that they feeling afraid or a certain way then knowing what to do, who do I contact, and reminding them where a safe place is,” she said.
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The incident happened June 19. (Source: Simpsonville Police Department)Police said the man threatened a store employee while stealing Prada and Versace sunglasses from Sunglass Hut at Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass. They don’t believe he is armed, but they say he could be dangerous.DOWNLOAD OUR APPS+ News Weather appsOn June 11, the law enforcement agency posted surveillance photos of a woman suspected of stealing more than $500 worth of sunglasses from the same store.Teens arrested for robbing Madison woman at gunpointTeens arrested for robbing Madison woman at gunpointUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 8:10 PM EST2018 03 10 01:10:20 GMT(WSMV file photo)(WSMV file photo)Two teens were arrested Tuesday afternoon for robbing a Madison woman at gunpoint, police say.Two teens were arrested Tuesday afternoon for robbing a Madison woman at gunpoint, police say.1 dead in Mount Juliet house fire officials call ‘hoarding situation’1 dead in Mount Juliet house fire officials call ‘hoarding situation’Updated: Friday, March 9 2018 8:02 PM EST2018 03 10 01:02:24 GMTA Mount Juliet man died after his home caught fire on Thursday evening. Officials say it what was in the home that made fighting the fire so difficult.
Chantelle, 31, works around north Durham, but the service, which is run out of St Cuthbert’s Hospice in Durham, also covers the Durham Dales and Easington/Sedgefield areas. Chantelle started in the team three and a half years ago as a registered nurse and is now a senior nurse.Myron doted on his “little lady” when she was young. Soon enough, though, the battles began.”I made my dream a reality . but now by body just can’t cope with everything” she said then, telling reporters “I won’t come back. It’s done.”
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“Physical appearance is not everything,” she said. “My hair doesn’t define me. It’s the heart I have that defines me.”The pre dawn low of 12 below zero at Pittsfield Municipal Airport, the coldest reading there in six years, was one degree shy of the record for Jan. 24, but was nowhere near the extreme cold that was more common from the 1940s into the 1990s.In the police department, Wiser said officers will initially set up a communications area and start rescue operations.To Christina Olson, the entire world was her family’s remote farm in the small coastal town of Cushing, Maine. Born in the home her family had lived in for generations, and increasingly incapacitated by illness, Christina seemed destined for a small life. Instead, for more than twenty years, she was host and inspiration for the artist Andrew Wyeth, and became the subject of one of the best known American paintings of the twentieth century. As she did in her beloved smash bestseller Orphan Train, Christina Baker Kline interweaves fact and fiction in a powerful novel that illuminates a little known part of America’s history. Bringing into focus the flesh and blood woman behind the portrait, she vividly imagines the life of a woman with a complicated relationship to her family and her past, and a special bond with one of our greatest modern artists. Told in evocative and lucid prose, A Piece of the World is a story about the burdens and blessings of family history, and how artist and muse can come together to forge a new and timeless legacy.Emily Bell, who lives in Pittsburgh’s North Side, says she heard about hygge from a college friend who is Swedish. She now uses it to cope with cold weather.
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Millennials and others who are looking for fast cash to pay holiday bills as well as unexpected car repairs and skyrocketing heating bills are being bombarded with TV ads, window signs and other pitches for tax refund advances.

asset not included because it is a duplicate of primary asset

The pitch is tempting especially when the commercial says up to $3,000 could be available in an advance. Jackson Hewitt, which has its own refund advance product, noted that 43% of Millennial taxpayers polled indicated in a recent survey that they plan to use their tax refund to pay off holiday debt, compared with 31% of the general population.

The refund loan products are relatively new. Consumers must dig into the details to understand what kind of loan they might expect and exactly what’s being offered.

The advance loans are made by banks and secured by and repaid directly from a consumer’s tax refund. As a result, the size of the loans will be limited.

So if you’re owed a $3,000 tax refund, there’s no way you’re getting a $3,000 refund advance loan. Yet the big number is what consumers will see first.

Starting Friday through Feb. 28, a 0% interest loan for up to $3,000 will be offered to current and new customers at H Block. If approved, H Block says, clients will typically have access to money the same day they apply.

Jackson Hewitt has a product that promises up to $3,200 up from a maximum of $1,300 last year for a 0% interest loan.

Liberty Tax is promoting what it calls “the largest tax refund advance offer in the industry” with its Easy Advance Loan of up to $3,250 now through Feb. 28. No fees or interest are associated with the loan.

TaxSlayer, an online tax service, launched what it calls ” refundNOW,” where qualifying customers can receive an advance of up to $1,000 in as little as 48 hours of their e file being accepted by the Internal Revenue Service. Loan amounts are either $500 or $1,000.

More: Tompor: Expect higher rates on credit cards, loans due to Fed

More: Financial goal: Resolve to slim down your credit card debt in 2018

More: Hey, want to become a millionaire with bitcoin? Regulators say don’t bet on it

IRS cracking down on refund fraudTax refunds, of course, can be the single biggest financial payout for many consumers each year.

The demand for refund advance loans is being driven up after a crackdown to combat tax refund fraud.

The Internal Revenue Service is now required to hold back some tax refunds until at least mid February for those claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. Last year, about 15 million people who filed early in the season faced those delays.

The IRS warns tax filers that refunds that include such credits will not show up in a taxpayer’s bank account or debit card until at least Feb. 27 for those choosing direct deposit. But more delays could take place, if there are other issues with the tax return.

An important point: The delay applies to the entire refund not just the portion of refund money that’s associated with these credits.

So the IRS advises consumers not to bank on getting a refund by a certain date, especially when making major purchases or paying bills.

Tips to avoid fast loan problemsIf you feel you cannot wait, well, you’re going to be eager to listen when someone starts talking about ways to get fast cash. Here are some points to consider:

1) Everyone isn’t getting a 0% loan of $3,000 or so.

The available loan amounts at Liberty Tax are $500, $800, $1,300, and $3,250.

The actual loan amount will vary based on the expected refund amount, ID verification, eligibility criteria and underwriting.

The refund advance loans at H Block are in four different amounts $500, $750, $1,250 or $3,000 depending on what you’re qualified to receive.

H Block said a client needs to be due a federal income tax refund of at least $1,000 to be eligible for a Refund Advance and meet underwriting criteria.
Radio One, a big radio broadcaster focused on African Americans, bought Giant Magazine in 2007, shortly after the lifestyle and entertainment title also started focusing on African Americans in particular. But Radio One never sounded too committed to the print edition.According to her LinkedIn profile, Ali spent three months in 2007 as a legal intern for the Islamic International Arab Bank. During that time, as stated on her profile, she through various banking units and gained exposure to Shariah compliant financial products and related contracts.UPDATE:Missing RDU worker mom and overwhelmed always checks in with us,” said Kosinki. “She always tells us if she is going to be late. She always is extremely dependable. She would never just leave her phone at work. She would never clock out for a break and not continue to work her shift.”Merkley says, “Isn’t that just the type of insider deal for the wealthy and well connected that we should oppose?”
bag for women 3000 advance on your tax refund turn into

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He will have surgery Friday. It remains to be seen whether he will play next season.If your children see upset, let them see resolution, as well (too many children hear parents fighting but miss the quieter negotiation, compromise and making up later).Meanwhile, he’s shoveling out.
mulberry hall sale 2018 Winter Olympics

POLL: What do you think of Team USA’s overall performance in this year’s Winter Olympics?POLL: What do you think of Team USA’s overall performance in this year’s Winter Olympics?Updated: Friday, February 23 2018 10:21 PM EST2018 02 24 03:21:02 GMT

The 2018 Winter Olympics

POLL: What do you think of Team USA’s overall performance in this year’s Winter Olympics?

POLL: What do you think of Team USA’s overall performance in this year’s Winter Olympics?

More Olympians wearing Kentucky product in PyeongChangMore Olympians wearing Kentucky product in PyeongChangUpdated: Wednesday, February 21 2018 11:42 PM EST2018 02 22 04:42:27 GMT

Ski Skootys are back in the Olympic spotlight with more business and more athletes wearing their Kentucky made product in PyeongChang.

Ski Skootys are back in the Olympic spotlight with more business and more athletes wearing their Kentucky made product in PyeongChang.

UK, Eastern High Olympian enjoying pizza, swag and competing on world stageUK, Eastern High Olympian enjoying pizza, swag and competing on world stageUpdated: Wednesday, February 21 2018 10:06 PM EST2018 02 22 03:06:07 GMT

It’s not just about earning a medal for Simi Adeagbo at the Winter Games.

It’s not just about earning a medal for Simi Adeagbo at the Winter Games.

Julia Mancuso hits the slopes with former OlympiansJulia Mancuso hits the slopes with former OlympiansJulia Mancuso finally makes her way over to the mountains of PyeongChang to enjoy some skiing. She r

Julia Mancuso finally makes her way over to the mountains of PyeongChang to enjoy some skiing. She recruits some former Olympians to join her and compete in what they call the “Old Person Olympics.”

Julia Mancuso finally makes her way over to the mountains of PyeongChang to enjoy some skiing. She recruits some former Olympians to join her and compete in what they call the “Old Person Olympics.”

Korean Americans watching home from afarKorean Americans watching home from afarUpdated: Thursday,
Discount ebay mulberry bags Outlet 2018 Winter Olympics
February 15 2018 11:14 PM EST2018 02 16 04:14:42 GMT

It may be a little known fact, but there are around 4,000 Koreans who live in Kentucky and southern Indiana.

It may be a little known fact, but there are around 4,000 Koreans who live in Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Julia Mancuso surfs the frigid waters of South KoreaJulia Mancuso surfs the frigid waters of South KoreaWith the help of two local guides, Julia Mancuso and Gadi Schwartz surf the chilly waters of South K
The effect of our decisions, in line with the proposed approach we set out in October 2017, is that spectrum will be available to enable future mobile services in the 3.6GHz to 3.8GHz band to be deployed in many areas from June 2020, but not necessarily nationwide before the end of 2022.Off and runningSigns of forest fires, present and past, are apparent on the steep slopes along mile after mile of the lake this month. But fire never stops the recreational activity for long. Deer and bighorn sheep seem to cope well with the aftermath of fires, and so do boaters and hikers.Russ Bohannon graduated from Marshall County High School years ago but returned Saturday to share his sadness with the rest of the community.Freedom House keeps these concerns in mind and works hard at creating a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for the children who come to shelter with their mothers. Looking around Killian’s office at several colored pictures and mementos from the children with whom she has worked is proof that she has earned their trust and appreciation.Fourth grade special education teacher Carol Rush said she works hard to help students succeed academically and support students emotionally in a way many students are not cared for at home. Rush said she was dismayed to learn she could lose her job next year.
Discount ebay mulberry bags Outlet 2018 Winter Olympics

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But with the encouragement of his father, he did return to Baylor that fall and began the first step of an apparently lifelong journey to make the rest of his life positive and worthwhile, despite the tragedy that occurred when he was only 16 years old.College should be an opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and embrace new ideas. New ideas accompany diversity of opinions on controversial topics. The push for diversity within colleges is on the rise. Many universities boast about how many minorities they have enrolled in classes. However, most colleges are not in favor of diversity of thought.He also testified that Wombold’s commissions in a couple accounts in which scam rates were applied appeared to amount to little money. The prosecution, meanwhile, argues some sales employees such as Wombold profited handsomely by bilking many customers of what they were due.Nathaniel Brown on Reminder: Learn more about Hwy 99 revitalization/Gateway Project at open house March 7How?
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Volkswagen’s most affordable sedan is loaded with value and should be considered the entry point to all fine German sedans.

Because the Volkswagen Jetta is set for complete redesign next year, there are not many changes in the 2018 model. The biggest news is the sporty SE Sport and upscale Wolfsburg Edition variants that are now available.

But that does not mean shoppers don’t have a lot of choices to make. Although the Jetta is Volkswagen’s entry level sedan, it can ordered in six trim levels (counting the SE Sport and Wolfburg), with three different turbocharged four cylinder engines, with a five speed manual or six speed automatic transmission, and with 15 , 16 or 17 inch wheels.

In other words, if you’re in the market for a small, affordable family car and don’t like one version of the Jetta, there are several others worth checking out. A D V E R T I S I N G Continue reading below

Perhaps best of all, a well equipped Jetta S starts at just $18,645. And all versions come with the company’s new six year or 72,000 mile “bumper to bumper” limited warranty, which beats those offered by its competitors.

Offering such variety is a good marketing strategy because the Jetta does not visually stand out in the crowded compact sedan field. It is cleanly but conservatively styled, both inside and out. Even the black alloy wheels and reat spoiler on our SE Sport version were tastefully restrained. And while the interior was well designed, it was more functional than fashionable.

On the other hand and this is what really counts our Jetta drove very well. With 170 horsepower on tap, our mid sized turbocharged 1.8 liter engine had plenty of power for such a small car, and was even more fun when the automatic transmission was set in the Sport mode, which increases acceleration. The suspension was also well tuned, giving it a ride that soaked up pavement imperfections without being too soft.

Although the interior design was restrained, the cabin was remarkably roomy for a compact, with large windows that provided good visibility. The materials were all high quality, and the heated front leather bucket seats were comfortable enough for long trips.

Volkswagen’s least expensive sedan should really be considered the entry point for all German sedans, including the much more expensive sport sedans by Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz. The 2018 Jetta is very much a driver’s car, although of course not as refined or powerful as those offered by the genuine luxury manufacturers. But it offers both quality engineering and an impressive level of performance for a much more reasonable price, with means it is also a good value. A D V E R T I S I N G Continue reading below

2018 Volkswagn Jetta SE Sport

Base price: $23,245

Price as tested: $24,095

Style: Compact sedan

Engines: Turbocharged 1.4 liter 4 (150 hp, 184 lbs ft); turbocharged 1.8 liter 4 (170 hp , 184 lbs ft as tested); turbocharged 2.0 liter 4 (210 hp, 207 lbs ft) A D V E R T I S I N G Continue reading below
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A minivan should logically be the best choice for growing families, as it offers space galore to pack in children and gear.

Alas, the segment suffers from an identity crisis. Consumers see minivans as a rite of passage, a necessary tool when children are afoot. Young parents will sacrifice their dreams of sports cars on the altar of practicality.

If you’ve been looking at vehicles lately, you might have noticed that many have ditched V 6 engines, with more and more turbocharged fours on the market.

Not in the minivan market, where all four entrants are still equipped with V 6s a 3.5 litre in the Sienna’s case. The Toyota has the most powerful engine in the class, with 296 horsepower and 263 foot pounds of torque. Put the pedal to the metal (without your kids on board, please) and you will be propelled to 100 km/h in about eight seconds, which is the fastest of the group.

The V 6 is mated to an eight speed automatic and, unique in this segment, all wheel drive. The latter is an important plus for Canadian buyers, as many have flocked to SUVs because of their ability to tackle snow and less than ideal driving conditions.

The powerful engine and all wheel drive are combined with decent suspension dynamics, should you choose to blow the cobwebs away once in a while but this is no sports sedan.

Instead, this is a comfortable highway cruiser with an impressive 2,470 litre cargo capacity behind the second row seats and 1,100 litres with all seats up.

A note of caution for those with something to tow: The base and XLE AWD models only come with a 454 kilogram towing capacity, well short of the 1,585 kg maximum found in the rest of the line. This despite being outfitted with a standard transmission cooler.

Depending on the configuration, you can equip the Sienna as either seven or eight passenger configuration. Swapping out a bench for two captain’s chairs in the second row accounts for the loss of one passenger seat.

The second row seats have a wide range of travel, so it will be popular with people with long femurs. Unlike the Pacifica, the second row seats don’t stow in the floor you have to remove them and store them elsewhere. With all the seats removed and the third row seats retracted into cubbyholes in the floor, the Sienna can easily swallow up a four by eight piece of plywood or drywall.

While you have a view of the road, your rear passengers can watch movies on a 16.4 inch screen. If they, like most siblings, can’t agree on what to watch, they can split the screen. They can watch videos or play two different computer games with sound coming from wireless headphones. Five USB accessory power outlets and a 120V outlet are sprinkled about the cabin.

The infotainment system, with its eight inch screen, has Bluetooth but lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

A dash mounted gearshift lever frees up space on the centre console. The console between the front seats holds a lot of gear, and cubbyholes abound.

Dual power sunroofs give rear occupants a higher level of comfort almost akin to that of a limousine for the second row. Adults can survive in the third row seats, which are light years better than any three row mid sized SUV. Power sliding doors welcome your passengers at the touch of a button or the handle.

The Sienna comes with a three zone automatic climate control and rear heater ducts, but its most impressive feature is a deodorizing air filter.

The Sienna comes equipped with a comprehensive active and passive safety suite, including automatic collision alert, radar cruise control, pedestrian detection and lane departure alert with steering assist. Lesser equipped Siennas still come with nice safety features such as blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert.

A minivan might not get your heart beating faster, but the increased competition has made them more refined and, in the case of the XLE model, more luxurious. A ride fit for all the princes and princesses in your life.
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sportsHeadlinesGet to know UND junior forward Nick JonesUND has played its best against top teams. Senate in 2018. When persistent rumors suggesting he was interested in federal office this cycle kept popping up last year, I actually checked in with him about them.

He told me in September there was “no truth whatsoever” to the rumors.

Still, Burgum may end up being the most important figure in the 2018 cycle because of how many voters he lured away from Democrats during the 2016 cycle.

Right now Congressman Kevin Cramer, a three term House incumbent, has us all in “will he or won’t he” mode as he flirts with a Senate run.

I’ve written before that it’s a near certainty that Cramer is in President Donald Trump pitched some woo to the Congressman this week at a White House meeting but Cramer says he won’t announce his intentions until later this month or even February.

Outside of Cramer, the only Republican challenger for one term incumbent Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is state Sen. Tom Campbell of Grafton, who has been campaigning since summer.

Meanwhile Heitkamp, recently named by CNN as one of the 10 most vulnerable incumbents in the Senate, is extremely polarizing to North Dakota voters.

This is evidenced by her narrow margin of victory just a few thousand votes over Republican Rick Berg back in 2012.

Every other politician elected on North Dakota’s statewide ballot going back to 2010 (all of them Republicans) has enjoyed wide margins of victory.

Voters are, in the aggregate, far more suspicious of Heitkamp than they are of the Republicans they’ve been electing.

This is where Burgum comes in. Because the reason he’s governor is his appeal to North Dakota’s Democrats.

mulberry crossbody bag 2018 Senate race may be Doug Burgum
of course, won the 2016 gubernatorial primary over Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. What you may not know is turnout in that primary was extremely unusual.

Remember that in the primary vote North Dakotans must choose either a Republican or Democratic ballot. In election cycles from 2000 to 2014, the Republicans have maintained an advantage of about 1.4 Republican voters for every Democratic voter.

In 2016, with the hotly contested Burgum versus Stenehjem race on the primary ballot, that Republican advantage shot up to 5.84 Republican voters for every Democrat.

That remarkable shift in voter turnout, alongside Burgum’s landslide victory over Stenehjem, speaks to our governor having a lot of cross party appeal.
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It flew journalists from dozens of countries and all continents to the area to allow them to sample the latest Porsche products on public roads and a new race track.

The occasion was the global introduction of two additions to the Panamera line, the most powerful regular production Porsche and the first station wagon in the company history.

That most potent of Porsches is the 2018 Panamera Turbo S e hybrid. Yes, a hybrid . . . a 680 horsepower beast that destroys any perceptions of hybrid performance. We tell you more about that $210,000 beauty in this space in a couple of weeks.

The other new Porsche revealed here was the Panamera Sport Turismo. From the B pillar forward it is identical inside and out to the Panamera sedan. It rides on the same wheelbase, has the same dimensions, drivetrains, suspension, brakes and steering.

But the roofline has been extended and slopes gently toward a large single piece rear hatch. The rear doors are wider and open further for vastly improved access to the rear seats.

Those thrones are now not only habitable, but comfortable, with plenty of head and legroom for full size adults. Occupants will also find it far less claustrophobic thanks to larger side windows.

Porsche calls the Sport Turismo a 4+1, indicting provision for a third passenger in back. But it would be cruel and unusual punishment to subject anyone of size to that space for more than a few seconds. The longer taller roofline also results in a modicum (four per cent) of extra cargo space.

More importantly, it completely changes the appearance of this car. The Panamera has always been an ugly duckling of sorts, due to the bulbous rear end. The second generation introduced last year, made some progress in addressing that issue.

The Sport Turismo transforms this into a truly attractive automobile. It is hard to imagine changing only the rear can have such an effect but a close look at the sedan and wagon side by side, seals the deal.

Like the sedan, when it crosses the Atlantic this fall, the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo will be available in four trim levels: 4, 4S,
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E hybrid and Turbo.

This vehicle is brimming with Porsche DNA most of it associated with engineering and speed. The easy part was carrying over the suspension, brakes, steering and various and proven drivetrains from the sedan.

But this is a Porsche and one that starts at more than $100,000, so extra effort was expended on ensuring the brand first station wagon stretched the envelope with engineering feats.

One example is a spoiler incorporated into the rear of the roofline that springs into action under a variety of conditions. It has three positions depending on speed, driving conditions and the dynamic settings.

Up to 170 km/h it remains retracted at an angle of minus seven degrees. Above that, it moves up eight degrees into the performance position, increasing downforce and stability.

If the driver has selected Sport or Sport + driving modes, it assumes the plus one degree position starting at 90 km/h. If the sunroof is in the open position and you are going more than 90 km/h, it assumes a 26 degree angle to minimize wind noise.

When it comes to motivation, things start off with a 3.0 litre single turbo V6 in the model capable of hauling the Sport Turismo from rest to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds and to a top speed of 260 km/h. From there it progresses through a 440 horsepower, 2.9 litre twin turbo V6 for the 4S.

The e hybrid adds an electric motor, for a combined output of 462 horsepower while the top dog Turbo gets a 550 horsepower, 4.8 litre twin turbo V8 powering it to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and to a top speed in excess of 300 km/h.

All Sport Turismos come with all wheel drive and an eight speed, dual clutch automatic transmission.

You expect this big Porsche to tackle the turns like only a handful of exclusive performance cars and it does so despite its 2,000 plus kilo heft.

What came as a complete and pleasant surprise was the composed demeanour on less than perfect public roads. The massive (335/30 ZR) 21 inch, summer only performance tires are meant more for track duty than the daily grind of secondary roads.

Despite the lack of any sidewall to absorb bumps, this big wagon behaved impeccably on the a variety of roads on the interior of Vancouver Island, including paved logging trails where we dodged massive rigs hauling logs down from the mountains.

As was the case with the Cayenne, the Sport Turismo will have critics claiming it dilutes the brand. But, the majority of them will not be Porsche owners, rather purists who would like to own one.

I suspect a large proportion of Sport Turismo buyers will have another Porsche in the garage for weekend fun, but need a four seater for weekday and extended trip duty with more passengers.

Porsche big four seat GT, finally gets the looks to match its price and performance. Let face it, nobody needs a $175,000 four passenger wagon that can go more than 300 km/h. But for those that can afford it what a way to go.
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