mulberry shoulder bag assistant principal resigns principal retires

mulberry handbag repairs assistant principal resigns principal retires

DENVER Nearly a month has gone by after five school officials from East High School were placed on administrative leave following the viral video of a cheerleader forced to do the splits.

DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg spoke on Friday at a news conference and made the announcement that Principal Andy Mendelsberg would retire and Assistant Principal Lisa Porter has resigned.

Mendelsberg and Boasberg along with East Cheer Coach Ozell Williams, East Assistant Cheer coach Mariah Cladis and DPS Deputy General Counsel Michael Huckman were the five placed on leave at the end of August.

Huckman has been reinstated now that the investigation is over.

The video that swept the nation showed a cheerleader being pushed into the splits while crying out for the coach and teammates to stop.

Ozell Williams was a major figure under the microscope after police opened the investigation. It was discovered that he had committed similar coaching techniques before at another school.

Williams worked with cheerleaders at Boulder High School in 2015 and 2016. The district says he was dismissed from last summer camp after a coach saw him using a technique similar to that seen in the East video.
mulberry shoulder bag assistant principal resigns principal retires