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strongly encourage you to read and understand the official policies. are highlights and important considerations about commonly used academic policies. making decisions based on academic policies, please consult with an advisor in the Dean Office. students may misunderstand the policy. with us if you have questions about what the policy means for your individual situation.

Adding and Dropping CoursesYou may add courses on AU Access through the fifth (5) day of class. the first day, you must contact the department offering the class. Only the departments can add students to classes after the first day. Advisors cannot add students to courses.

Departments set their own deadlines for adding classes. Some do not add after the first day. If you want to add, you must do it quickly. No classes may be added after the fifteenth day.

You may drop a course until the 15th class day with no record on your transcript.

From the 16th day until the final drop date, you may drop for any reason and a W will be on your transcript. A W means you were in the course, but withdrew. Although you do not want a pattern of Ws on your transcript, one or two over the course of your college career should not be a concern.

Although dropping before the drop date has no academic penalties, you will not get any money back and if you drop below 12 hours it could affect your financial aid, scholarships, or insurance. Please check with your insurance company and Auburn Financial Aid Office before dropping below 12 hours.

Before the drop date, be realistic about your chances of obtaining the grade you want in a course. Dropping may be the best idea. be certain to check your schedule and be sure that you are registered only for courses you plan to finish. You are responsible for knowing your enrollment status at all times.

After the final drop date, you may not drop a course except in the most extenuating circumstances, with documentation and permission from the Dean’s Office. do not petition for a drop to the Dean’s Office unless you have experienced a significant illness, illness or a death in the immediate family, or something similar.

You may NOT drop after the drop date because you are failing or do not need the course. Most students seeking to drop classes late only want to do so to avoid getting a poor grade. This will not be approved.

Even if your drop request is approved, if you are failing the course at the time of the drop, your professor may assign a WF, which will appear on your transcript and will calculate in your GPA as an F.

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Course Loads Overloads

A full time course load is 12 hours in fall, spring, and summer semesters.

The maximum load for students in undergraduate curricula is 18 hours during the fall and spring semesters. For summer terms, maximum load are 7 semester hours during the 5 week sessions, and 14 hours during the 10 week session or any combination of summer sessions. maximum load may be exceeded under the following circumstances: Dean approval,
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you may schedule overloads not to exceed 20 hours during the semester, 15 hours during the 10 week summer terms, or 9 hours during a 5 week session. be eligible, you must have passed all work attempted and earned a GPA of 2.5 or higher during their last residence semester at Auburn University in which they carried 15 or more hours (10 or more in their last summer). who desire to take an overload must come by the Dean’s Office to request the overload.

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Resigning from All Courses

If you wish to withdraw from all your courses in any semester before the final drop date, you can drop all your classes through AU Access. After that date, you must come to the Dean Office and fill out a resignation form. You may resign at any point during the semester. resigning from classes for a semester, you are not resigning from the University. If you plan to take a semester off, and then attend courses again, you will register like normal for your next term at Auburn. If you are away from Auburn for more than a year, contact the Admissions Office to have your record prepared for your next registration.

Academic Consequences of Resigning

If you resign before the final drop date, there are no academic penalties. However, special rules apply if you resign after that.

Your professors must report letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) as of the day you resign. They may not report a W or WF.

If you are failing more than 50% of your coursework when you resign, those grades will be posted on your transcripts as WFs and factor into your overall GPA. you are on academic warning and resign after the final drop date, you will be suspended if the grades reported would have resulted in your suspension.

Financial Consequences of Resigning

If you have paid fees and resign before the first day of class, all fees will be refunded.

If resignation occurs during the first 15 days of classes, all fees, except the sum of $100.00 plus any late fees, will be refunded.

No refunds will be made for resignations that occur after 15 days of class unless the withdrawal is caused by illness (physician’s statement required) or call into military service (copy of activation orders required). refund is prorated. Depending on the date of resignation,
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you may not receive any refund.