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The Atlantic Express Train Upkeep level.

“Quick but cautious is the order of the day behind the scenes of the Atlantic Express. Just like the trains they repair, our maintenance staff exemplifies our uncompromising attitudes towards safety. Atlantic Express, Rapture’s Fastest Way to Travel!”

Atlantic Express Train Upkeep is a retooled environment from the BioShock 2 single player campaign, and it is the second level for The Protector Trials downloadable content. It is inspired by the Atlantic Express Depot and its Workshops.

Weapons: Machine Gun (All upgrades), Hack Tool

Ammunition: .50 Caliber Rounds, Anti Personnel Rounds, Remote Hack Dart, Mini Turret

Plasmids: Security Command 2

Gene Tonics: Handyman

Tips Edit

Before beginning the trial, hack the Turret upstairs to defend one of the entrances (only in the first trial).

Also, charge Security Command 2 twice before the fight to get support from two Security Bots.

One can spend some EVE to repair one’s Security Bots or the Turret upstairs,
mulberry bayswater style bag Atlantic Express Train Upkeep
but only do so after buying some EVE Hypos at the Circus of Values downstairs.

The Miniature Turrets can provide good defenses against the weakest enemies (Thuggish and Leadhead Splicers) and will also distract the tougher enemies, but don’t forget that ammunition is limited in the Vending Machines.

Keep the Anti Personnel Rounds for Spider and Brute Splicers, since they are tougher than the others.

Trial Two EditWeapons: Rivet Gun (Increased Clip Size upgrade), Launcher (Damage Immunity upgrade), Spear Gun

Ammunition: Trap Rivets, Proximity Mines, Trap Spears

Plasmids: Electro Bolt, Cyclone Trap 2, Decoy 2

Gene Tonics: Armored Shell

Tips Edit

Although the above arsenal is mostly defensive, save some ammunition for offense, as it will allow for greater adaptability.
mulberry bayswater style bag Atlantic Express Train Upkeep