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If Seal Is Broken. (Might as Well Laugh) By Karyn BuxmanEverywhere I look, there is some reminder of the upcoming election. (There a job I won be signing up for!) But then it struck me sometimes . are firmly affixed to the lectern at all times!

2016 Karyn Buxman. Reprint rights granted so long as all links are made live.

How to Co Create with the How By Jennifer UrezzioThe first step is to understand, in a deeper way, your sacred purpose (some people call this your purpose, mission or simply why am I on this planet at . you are interested in exploring your own Languages or offering that discovery to someone else, please secure a complimentary 15 minute private session.

Learning to Love By Jennifer UrezzioOne of my favorite songs to sing is Say Something. One of the lyrics is: I m still learning to love, Just starting to crawl. And, that is truly what . you are interested in exploring your own Languages or offering that discovery to someone else, please secure a complimentary 15 minute private session.

Convenient Mistruths By Nan RussellThe subject line of the email read: met at . and the name of a conference where I recently spoken. Thinking it was from someone who . mistruths as a way, convenient or otherwise, to ever build credibility, believability, trust, or results.

(c) 2015 Nan S. Russell.

The 3 Ps for Success By Daniel Dunoo persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success Napoleon Hill.

While a Marketing student about a decade . P s of success and you have it made. Patience, persistence and perspiration most certainly make an indefatigable and indomitable mishmash for success.

What Makes You Want to Pray? By Jennifer UrezzioWhen do you stop to pray or connect with the Divine? Is it when you are in struggle, to give thanks, and/or all the time?

I know how powerful prayer . Soul Languages allows you to access your own Soul s guidance to accept your value, be more confident, have more impact and grow into a stronger leader.

Are You Spiritually Depressed? By Jennifer UrezzioI love the woowoo. I live in the woowoo, and I have also been in a place where I resent the woowoo.

And, you know what? As spiritual beings in spiritual . you ask yourself, what new relationship would you like to have with the Divine and what sacred practices would support this new, healthy relationship?

5 Practices to Staying Connected while Living Your Life By Jennifer UrezzioThe question I receive most often from people is, do I stay connected and conscious in my everyday life? My answer is simple and complex . with each inhalation, to see a prism of light in your heart growing and filling you with the knowing that you are loved and supported exactly as you are.

The Pain of Beginning Again By Kelly JenningsThe Pain of Beginning Again

Let face it there are times that we all have had to start all over. The idea of beginning something again can be terrifying . whatever it is, whether it s a new job, business, relationship, education, weight loss etc. Is your life organized and disciplined? What . to live higher standards in their everyday life. Let us also challenge ourselves to live consistent lifestyles. May we always enjoy life consistently!

Finding Purpose In Life By Carla KhabbazYour Own Worst Enemy

It can be hard to realize that you are sabotaging yourself as you try to achieve the life goals that you aspire to. However, self . sometimes, a scary feeling unto itself. But it s worth it when you are finally able to take control and make the choice of where you want to go in your life.

In Praise of Imperfection: Accepting Your Flaws By Karen Hood caddyI don t know why we all get so hung up on trying to hide or eradicate our flaws. We all have imperfections. Yet, we are often so intent on covering them . trying to evolve us into greater maturity, which I believe they are, then I want to bring them into my awareness.

Perhaps you might want to as well.

Into the Mud By Deborah ShimerAbout three weeks ago, when the weather rose above freezing and the snow was beginning to melt, I ventured out with my dog Nellie to some nearby woods . Looking back, I have done this many, many times, and, in retrospect, it was ALWAYS worth it even if I was terrified of hurtling down the hill at the time
mulberry outlet store black friday Motivational Articles