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>> Re: Motherboard with Most SATA connectors?

You may want to specify whether or not you care if the SATA connectors support only 3 Gb/s or if you need all connectors to have 6 Gb/s connectivity. Some motherboards have a mix of the 2 types.

You do realize you can add PCI SATA cards, right? I think I’ve seen cards that provide up to 4 additional SATA connectors each. For maximum bandwidth of course, you’d want to use PCI e x16 adapter cards if available. For example, one mobo I’m looking at has 6 internal SATA connectors and 1 eSATA connector, for a total of 7.

Since he didn’t completely specify some things, I just thought they needed to be brought up.

For example, what if he needed 6Gb/s on all SATA connections? If all he needed was 3Gb/s that would increase the number of boards with a good number of SATA connectors available (and downward compatibility would only help), but if he needed all connectors to be 6 Gb/s it would restrict the number of boards to a relatively small number of models at the current time.

>> Re: Motherboard with Most SATA connectors?Thanks for the links to the motherboards. I think the coolest one is the ASrock with 12 Sata connectors. This board is packed with a lot of features. The only thing it lacks is an onboard ATI 4000 series graphics chip for out of the box High Definition video playback.

Regarding the SATA connectors that have a 6 GB/s tranfer rate,
mulberry online uk Motherboard with Most SATA connectors
are the current SATA hard drives I have connected to 3 GB/s SATA ports be compatible with the 6 GB/s SATA ports this motherboard offers? Or does it require I buy new SATA hard drives rated at 6 GB/s ?

The reason I want to buy a motherboard with this many SATA ports is because I do a lot of High Definition video recording and I’m seekin for a solution that offers a lot of future expansion for space. I have looked at the PCI Express 16 SATA Port Controller Card John mentions. HighPoint Rocket Raid is what I think it’s called and I think it sells for somewhere around $800. To me it does not make sense to spend $800 on a card for something that can already be provided by the motherboard itself if you buy the right one.

The way I see it, this motherboard will save me the added expense of buying a $800 HighPoint Rocket Raid PCI Express Controller Card.

>> Re: Motherboard with Most SATA connectors?Thanks for the post. The fact this board offers a mix of 3 Gb/s and 6 Gb/s SATA connectors does not bother me. My only confusion is if the current SATA hard drives I currently own are compatible with the 6 Gb/s SATA connection ports? Does it require I buy new SATA hard drives that are rated at a 6 Gb/s transfer rate?

Regarding the PCI e x16 adapter cards. I think they are too expensive and I think I can avoid this adapter card expense by buying a motherboard with 12 or more SATA ports already included.

This board would be perfect if it included onboard video with a HDMI video out port.

Regarding using the ESata port. I think I also read somewhere that using the Esata port on this motherboard prevents the use of a single internal SATA port.

Overall, I think this board is great because it offers a lot of future expansion. This future expansion will allow me to store all of my HD videos I shoot using my HD Camera for at least the next 5 years. compared to an independent video card(s).

For example, I got a Gigabyte GA 880GMA UD2H mostly as a small form factor board, for general purpose browsing, email, LIGHT duty video playback (with HDCP support).

It has integrated Ati Radeon HD4250. Here are some of the video parameters as displayed by GPU z. As you can see, they aren’t very impressive.
mulberry online uk Motherboard with Most SATA connectors