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Mandate and terms of reference

The Graduate Student Committee, or GSC, was formed in 1998. Its mandate is to reflect the views of, and address issues important to, graduate students across Canada. The GSC consists of representatives of each institution in Canada which has a graduate program in astronomy and chooses to participate as well as an elected committee Chair and Secretary. The job of the Chair is to represent the views and concerns of the committee to the CASCA Board of Directors, while the Secretary records minutes and ensures proper documentation of the GSC activities.

As part of the GSC mandate to monitor equity and status amongst Canadian Graduate Students, the Equity Officer has put together a report on graduate funding across Canada.

From one coast to the other, Canadian universities offer about 20 different graduate program in astronomy. Each of these institutions have their own tuition fees and funding rules. Most importantly, graduate astronomy programs are offered in cities with vastly different cost of living. Graduate students are, generally speaking, not member of a union when it comes to research (although they can be part of a union as teaching assistant). As such, they are not part of an organization that can help them know what is the situation like elsewhere for graduate students. Furthermore, relevant information tends to be lost quickly due to graduate students spending only a few years at the same place. This led to the present funding survey. Hopefully, it can bring present and future graduate students some relevant information.

The survey itself consists in funding information from 15 different institutions. Cost of living information was obtained from the website Numbeo crowd sourcing database that include hundreds of entry for each city. References and details are included in the report.

The survey tries to be more comprehensive than previous ones by looking at major expenses for graduate students in each institutions. The categories of expenses included are:

A note on international tuition is included when available, but the situation varies between universities. Public transportation is included with the tuition fees at most universities but does amount to 500 1000$ a year when it isn’t. For housing, a range is given for each city, the lowest value represents a person living outside of the city core with 2 roommates while the higher value represents someone living alone in the city core. Internet, food and leisure expenses are based on conservative numbers detailed in the survey. Three scenarios are then considered. Housing being the largest single expense, the scenarios are based on the minimum, maximum and average of the housing range. The average housing value obtained is generally in good agreement with what a person should expect to pay to live in the city core with 2 roommates or alone outside of the city core. A measure of the disposable income can then be obtained by combining various funding and expenses scenarios.

Although the first page of the report only summarizes the values for students with minimum funding in an average expenses scenario, more details are available for individual institutions. TA hours and salary included in minimum funding, how much a student can get for an additional TA position (and associated disposable income) and total NSERC funding (and associated disposable income) are given for most of the universities.

Getting a very complete picture of graduate funding is obviously very hard, especially when done on a voluntary basis like it is the case for this survey. The reader should keep in mind that there are limitations to the numbers obtained. For example, the distribution of funding compared to the minimum and the availability of scholarships (NSERC or others) are not included.

It is of the opinion of the Graduate Student Committee that this survey should be kept updated and enhanced. It is also clear that the minimum funding situation of graduate astronomy students varies greatly throughout Canada. It should be kept in mind that, although the average funding may show a very different picture, a non negligible fraction of graduate students have to live on minimum funding. Not having enough money to meet basic needs has been shown to be a huge source of stress. It also excludes individuals who may be capable of contributing in a meaningful way to research but who can’t because they either can’t afford it or are too stressed to do good work due to finances.

Thank you to all the graduate students, graduate chairs and other department officials that provided the information necessary for the survey. Special thanks to Lisa Glass and Hannah Broekhoven Fiene for their help putting the survey together.
latest mulberry bags Graduate Students Committee

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After the divorce, I flipped back and forth between living with either Mom or Dad. I moved into my mother after an argument with my stepmom, who insists that I call her I don consider her my mother. My father is an alcoholic and was completely impaired when he married her. I never forgiven him. When I visit, I can help but feel no longer welcome.

My mother (a hypocritical tiger mom) made my high school career so stressful it pushed me into severe depression, so I spoke to a doctor who prescribed medication for me and gave me therapist referrals. Since I moved out, I never been happier.

I have been thinking about disappearing and starting a new life on my own with no thought of my family past. I not sure if it worth fixing the mess my family has become. Advice?DEAR BREAKING >> For your stepmother to demand that you call her was wrong. She is not and never will be your mother. (Besides, you already have one of those.) For your mother to have pushed you to succeed academically is normal when a parent thinks her child has potential that isn being realized. That she was so heavy handed that it had the opposite effect is very sad.

If you would like to move away and start a new life,
harrods mulberry Graduate longs to distance himself from family strife
no one can stop you. At 18, you are considered an adult. But I do NOT think it would be healthy for you to do it in anger and without mending fences, if that possible. Running away will not have the effect you looking for because your family will still be living in your head.

DEAR ABBY >> I believe my wife is egocentric. She has five framed pictures of herself around the house. Even the wallpaper on her tablet is of herself. If we have a disagreement about anything, she won talk to me for days unless I break the ice. It ruining our 2 1/2 year marriage. Any suggestions?

Mystified in the South

DEAR MYSTIFIED >> Yes, be less quick to judge her because of the photos she keeps around the house. The reason may have less to do with egocentricity than insecurity.

What destroying your marriage isn the pictures; it your wife inability to fight fair. Her silent treatment is emotionally abusive; it not a healthy way to solve a disagreement. A licensed marriage and family therapist may be able to help the two of you communicate more effectively. If your wife won agree to it,
harrods mulberry Graduate longs to distance himself from family strife
go alone.

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MAIDEN You never know what you might learn from television.

Mill Creek Middle’s Amare Rearden has seen enough commercials advertising medicine for colds and the flu so when he was asked to spell “influenza,” he wasn’t worried.

He took a breath and spelled it correctly. It left the eighth grader as the final student standing in the eighth round of the Catawba County Schools Spelling Bee.

Then, he spelled the word “parfait” to wrap up the competition as the 2017 18 champion, beating out 20 other individual elementary and middle school winners from the district.

“It was a relatively easy word, but I just had to slow down and focus because my main problem was not saying a letter I didn’t mean to say,” Rearden said.

With the district win, Rearden moves on to the Charlotte Observer regional spelling bee Feb. 19. This was the third time he’s competed at the local level. Rearden made it to the school level competition in fourth and seventh grades.

Windy Barham was the spelling bee coordinator this year and is an English Language Arts Curriculum Specialist for the district.

“Our students have worked hard to get to this point. They’ve had a lot of strong teachers who have taught them and mentored them,” Barham said.

She remembers the excitement she felt watching her students competing in spelling bees.

“It’s a wonderful moment to see them shine and really show their strengths in front of people,” Barham said. “It helps with public speaking skills, and it’s just an exciting moment for the students.”

Students are given practice words to help them prepare for the spelling bee. At the regional bee in Charlotte, there will be a vocabulary section as part of the competition this year. Catawba County Schools only ran a practice round for vocabulary during their bee to help students get used to the new idea.

“A lot of them are interested in learning this though, and that’s a great thing,” Barham said. “If you have a love of words and reading you can do just about anything.”

After four rounds, the CCS competition got bogged down with Rearden,
Discount mulberry blackberry case Outlet grader wins Catawba County Schools spelling bee
Ashlyn Cline, a sixth grader from Sherrills Ford Elementary, and Kate Moulton, a fifth grader from Snow Creek Elementary trading words in three more rounds.

Cline and Moulton each missed their words in round eight. They would end the competition as the runners up.

Despite his past experience and plenty of studying, Rearden said he was very nervous in the final round of the district spelling bee.

“My legs were shaking, and I was coming to the mike anticipating a hard word,” Rearden said.

When he was asked to spell “parfait,” he asked the pronouncer, Fred T. Foard High English teacher Valerie Cody, to use it in a sentence and then Rearden spelled it out with a smile, knowing he’d won.

Rearden’s strategy for the regional competition in Charlotte is to continue studying like he did before the district along with looking up additional words in the dictionary to prepare for the vocabulary side of that spelling bee.

Bernhard Rearden was equally nervous when his son stepped up to the microphone to spell his final word. The entire family worked with Amare to prepare him for the bees this year.

“We did the list of words on Spell It, which they suggested in the program, and when we were just riding up and down the street, we would see a word and say spell this or spell that,
Discount mulberry blackberry case Outlet grader wins Catawba County Schools spelling bee
” Bernhard Rearden said.

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Home Guides Home Home Improvement Grade Differences and Quality of Counter Granite Look for thicker slabs with a polished finish for a durable countertop.

Related Articles Grading Granite Countertops Tips on Picking Granite Countertop Colors What Do I Need to Know About Granite Countertops? “Comparison of Granite, Marble Quartz Countertops”

Unlike other materials, granite’s cost isn’t the best indicator of its quality. Comprised of quartz, feldspar and mica along with other minerals, this rock’s value is determined by how many soft minerals are present, its color and how it is cut. Learn the basics of how granite is categorized and have a thorough discussion with a reputable supplier to find the best quality counter for your home.

Grading There is no set industry wide grading system to reflect the quality of individual granite slabs; however, retailers typically group slabs by grades set in house. Low grade granite, referred to as commercial or second choice, has excess soft minerals mixed into the stone and less color variation than higher rated products. Mid grade granite features clear colors and somewhat interesting patterns, yet it doesn’t deliver much uniqueness. Exotic or high end labels are reserved for stones with one of a kind colors, variations and patterns. The most marked difference in durability, and thus quality, occurs when comparing low grade granite with higher grades, as the excess soft minerals in the stone make it more prone to damage. These labels vary drastically between suppliers: a high end retailer’s lowest grade granite can be on par quality wise with the highest grade carried by a discount store.

Origin and Cost The cost of a slab is not the best indicator of quality. The country of origin drastically alters the price of granite, even when comparing two slabs of equal caliber. China tends to produce the cheapest stones due to reduced labor costs, while granite from Italy and Brazil is more costly. The distance from where you’re purchasing the stone is also a factor because granite is heavy, thus expensive to ship. The same rare blue granite from Italy will cost less when purchased in country than it would if you buy it from a supplier in the United States.

Color Granite comes in numerous colors, yet some shades are in higher supply than others, contributing to both the cost and perceived quality of the stone. Blue, purple and red are the least common and therefore have a higher price tag, while beige and green are more readily available. Some colors are considered more durable than others: reds and browns tend to be harder, even taking longer to cut than other colors, while grays and whites are softer. However, with a residential countertop application, properly cared for granite of any color is durable.

Thickness Thicker granite is of higher quality than thinner slabs. One and a quarter inch granite is preferred for counters, providing the durability most homeowners are after along with the visual “heft” that many expect from a natural stone. Granite is extracted in huge chunks and then moved to a production facility where it’s cut into slabs. To get more counters out of one stone, some manufacturers cut thinner sections. This reduces durability, especially if the slab is less than an inch thick.

References (3) Seibert and Smith: What are the Costs of Granite CountertopsModern Haven Interiors: Tips and Tricks: Choosing Granite CountersDesigner Granite and Marble: The Color of Granite

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTHI) Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner says it’s time the government do what the people of Illinois want. He gave his annual State of the State Address Wednesday.

Governor Rauner says republicans and democrats need to work together on key issues like property tax reform, economic development and job growth.

“The state of our state today is one of readiness: readiness born of unprecedented frustration with our political culture, along with the firm belief that we have tremendous, but as yet unrealized, economic potential.”

Those in the governor’s camp support his call for bipartisanship but others point the finger back at the governor saying he has done plenty to grow the divide.

News 10 asked you if you think the administration and legislature can work together.

We asked you on Twitter, do you think republicans and democrats can work together on key issues this year? The overwhelming response is no. With the poll still open for votes, close to a hundred percent of people have said the parties cannot work together.

We posed a similar question on Facebook with people commenting about frustration with those in leadership.

We also asked if you trust members of state government. One man responded saying in part, “I don’t care if your (sic) Democrat or Republican you are in office to serve the people of Illinois, not the Lobbyist who give them money and special projects that cost millions.”
mulberry daria clutch black Governor Rauner calls for unity in annual address

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While fruits and vegetables are undeniably good for the body, they’re also a major boost for Alabama’s economy, Auburn University and Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station economists found in a recently completed analysis of the industry.

Auburn University’s Department of Campus Safety and Security associate director Susan McCallister recently graduated from the second annual Alabama Public Safety Leadership Academy. Also graduating was Rita Smith,
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public information officer of the Lee County Emergency Management Agency, or EMA.

GE chooses Auburn for advanced education program in 3 D printing

GE has chosen Auburn University as one of only eight universities from around the world to participate in the GE Additive Education Program. Auburn will receive a state of the art Concept Laser MLAB 100R metal printer as part of this program, which will support Auburn ongoing research and education initiatives in additive manufacturing,
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also known as 3 D printing.

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“It just shows a lot of gridlock in Congress and lack of ability to come to a consensus about keeping the government opens long term,” said Lee Breece.

It’s that gridlock keeping Senate Democrats and Republicans from coming to an agreement with the budget.

If it doesn’t happen before midnight, the government will shut down.

The closure will fall on the one year anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration.

“The fact that this is happening so early on might be a sign that things are not necessarily going as well as they had initially intended,” said Elizabeth Hintz.

One issue halting progress is immigration.

Democrats want a resolution when it comes to the Dreamers Act and aren’t happy with what Republicans are offering.

“Enough Republicans in the Senate have said they’re not going to vote for any sort of continuing resolution to keep the lights burning,” said Political Scientist Jay McCann.

He says most people won’t be directly affected by a shutdown.

Nonessential government employees would be furloughed and state parks would be closed.

VA Hospitals would stay open, we’d still get mail and social security checks would be distributed.

But that’s for the short term.

“The longer things are shut down, the more services might deteriorate,” said McCann.

The military is considered essential and would still report for duty.

But troops and veterans could potentially not get paid until the government is up and running again.

Purdue student Elizabeth Hintz hopes some compromise can be reached by midnight.

“The foundations of democracy depend on compromise and our ability to work out our differences. So if the government were open tomorrow, I think that would be a pleasant surprise,” said Hintz.
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Rep. Henry Cuellar, D Laredo.

The news comes after a meeting with White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly on Wednesday, more than a week after a discussion was held between bipartisan members of Congress and the president.

In his former post as secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, Kelly visited the Rio Grande Valley in February 2017 and toured the Texas border with Mexico with Gov. Greg Abbott.

The talks centered on legislation aimed at replacing the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program, which shields more than 700,000 young immigrants from deportation who arrived in the United States illegally as children. These are protections Trump ended last September and will expire in March.

Cuellar said that a deal for DACA would most likely not be resolved by Friday because Republicans want more concessions from Democrats on border security.

Still, he expects a vote Thursday on a continuing resolution running through Feb. 16, which would avoid a government shutdown for at least another month. This is the second such resolution in as many months.

According to a draft, the proposed resolution includes funding for the Childrens Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, which expired at the end of September; as well as delays on some of the taxes in the Affordable Care Act.

As a member of the appropriations (committee) we need to put (aside) money for CHIP, which is very important, Cuellar said.

Cuellar characterized Kellys meeting Wednesday with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus as different in tone.

In the past, it has been very combative, Cuellar said. This time .. he (Kelly) had more of a cooperative, Hey, lets try to find a solution, type of tone.

Cuellar said there was a moment during the meeting when a member of the caucus and Kelly exchanged apologies regarding past public comments each made about the other and which were reported in the media.

A congressional aide who was in the room with Kelly and members of the Hispanic Caucus confirmed that talks were more civil in nature.

There were only one or two instances of raised voices, the aide said. General Kelly was very polite.

Cuellar said Kelly also conceded that it was likely unrealistic to have a wall from sea to shining sea, and that the president would want 600 to 700 miles of border wall construction, which the congressman would be opposed to.

In addition, Kelly mentioned levee walls during the meeting and said the White House was aware that construction of walls in sensitive areas could cause damage.

Cuellar said he considered these remarks an acknowledgement of the concerns the congressman shared with the president last week.

Last summer, the administration identified the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in Alamo and the National Butterfly Center in Mission as priority locations for border wall construction something local environmentalists say would cause irreparable harm to the environment and subsequently lose ecotourism dollars for the region.

I think our message is getting through, Cuellar said. If we get to a levee wall, the words that (Kelly) used were well try to avoid certain areas. Thats what I gathered from him.

On Tuesday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters that the latest bipartisan immigration deal for Dreamers, which was proposed by senators last week, failed to include sufficient funds for border security a point of contention for both sides.

The congressional aide added that the meeting went well and that it does appear the president wants to make a deal on DACA so long as concessions are included on issues such as border security.

Gen. Kelly said the president is very interested in a deal on DACA; he wants Dreamers to stay in the country, the aide said. General Kelly also specified that the White House wouldnt sign any bill that was just DACA. A lot of (Hispanic Caucus) members asked for a path forward, the first thing was with Dreamers. All Kelly would concede was that Trump wants to make a deal to sign a bill.

Echoing sentiments from earlier in the week, Cuellar remained optimistic that talks are headed in a positive direction, despite conceding that a deal on DACA would not happen by the weeks end.

I think were getting there, but if youre asking me right now there will be no DACA agreement on Friday, Cuellar said. There will be a (continuing resolution) until Feb. 16, and that will give us a little more time to continue talking. The good thing is people want to work something out, but were not there just yet.
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york factory outlet Government shutdown ends

Discount mulberry bags house of fraser Outlet Government shutdown ends

A compromise between Democrat and Republican leaders in the Senate has led to an end to the government shutdown. voted to reopen the government 81 18.

According to The Hill, Senate Democrats agreed to advance a stopgap spending measure lasting until February 8 after Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to allow an immigration bill to reach the floor next month.

All federal departments, facilities, even national parks that were closed or had employees on furlough will be reopened and will have employees returning to work soon.

President Donald Trump released this statement after the Senate vote:

I am pleased that Democrats in Congress have come to their senses and are now willing to fund our great military, border patrol,
york factory outlet Government shutdown ends
first responders, and insurance for vulnerable children. As I have always said, once the Government is funded, my Administration will work toward solving the problem of very unfair illegal immigration. We will make a long term deal on immigration if, and only if,
york factory outlet Government shutdown ends
it is good for our country.

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The resignation of Greenville mayor and a heated election to select a new city leader were among the most significant city stories covered by The Daily Reflector in the past year.

Mayor Allen Thomas announced his resignation in June. Thomas stepped down to accept the executive director position of the Global Transportation Park in Kinston. District 1 Councilwoman Kandie Smith served as mayor until the November election the first black woman to hold that seat.

The local municipal elections resulted in several changes on City Council. Connelly won the mayor seat after besting At Large Councilman Calvin Mercer, Earnest Reeves and Curtis Pulley. Newcomers took seats in District 3, District 5 and the At Large spot.

Also topping the list were the City Council decision to transfer management of Bradford Creek Golf Course to a private company, approval of the Town Creek Culvert project, the installation of red light cameras and development in the city core.

1. Tobacco warehouse site bids

The City Council received bids Imperial Tobacco Warehouse Site, which should be presented to Council at the beginning of the year.

The Council voted 4 2 on June 8 to approve a presented concept that incorporates 316 housing units, 20,177 square feet of retail space, 66,000 square feet of office space, and 1,094 parking spots. Connelly and McLean Godley voted against the option, expressing concerns over saturation of the rental housing market and establishing too many requirements over possible developers for the site.

The approval of the conceptual plan was the latest step in the long development of the site. Originally a industrial center for the tobacco industry in the early 1900s, the site was abandoned in the 1970s.

After sitting vacant for decades, the property was optioned by a developer in the mid 2000s before burning down in 2008, ending the development plan.

In a September council meeting, DFI was contracted to create a conceptual plan and broker deals with developers. DFI estimates that a developer and plan could be approved by the end of the year.

2. Red light cameras installed

Red light cameras were installed at five intersections in Greenville, and are projected to bring the Pitt County School system upwards of $3 million for technology.

The lights were installed at the intersections of Charles Boulevard and 14th Street, Charles Boulevard and Fire Tower Road, Arlington Boulevard and Fire Tower Road, Arlington and Greenville boulevards, and Arlington Boulevard and South Memorial Drive. The program was approved in a March 2017 Council Meeting.

A total of 3,661 warning tickets were issued during a grace period between Oct. 15 and Nov. 15, according to the Greenville Police Department. At $100 per ticket, the tickets would have generated $116,600 for American Traffic Solutions, which installed and maintains the system, and $226,400 for the schools. The schools are obligated to pay the City of Greenville $6,250 a month for an officer to issue tickets.

3. Bradford Creek management changes

The City Council voted for transfer management of the Bradford Creek Public Golf Course to Billy Casper Golf on Oct. 12.

The city purchased Bradford Creek for use as a public golf course soon after flooding from Hurricane Floyd in 1999. The failure of revenues to meet expenses at the course has been a regular concern for some city leaders and residents since then.

The agreement reached with Billy Casper Golf is expected to result in a return of revenues to the city that will reduce the amount the city has to pay the firm and result in an overall savings compared to cost overruns incurred under city operation, according to a presentation by Assistant City Manager Michael Cowin,

Some advocates and patrons of the course worry private management will reduce the level of service and value at the course and believed the city should provide such services. The presentation to the council did not include information about changes to fees at the course. Officials from Billy Casper are expected to answer questions about the future of the course.

4. City personnel changes

City Government went through several personnel changes, with several key personnel retiring and stepping down.

City Manager Barbara Lipscomb retired from her position on Aug. 31. Ann E. Wall was hired by the City Council to take over Lipscombs position beginning on Aug. 30.

City Manager Dave Holec retired from his position on Oct. 30. Emanuel McGirt was hired to take over the job, beginning Oct. 30.

Assistant City Manager Merrill Flood retired from his position on July 31. In September, the city announced the hiring of Ken Graves to serve in Flood position.

On June 14, Mayor Allen Thomas announced his resignation as mayor. Thomas stepped down to accept the executive director position of the Global Transportation Park in Kinston. Following his resignation, the Greenville City Council unanimously appointed Mayor Pro tem Kandie Smith, who served as District 1 Councilwoman, as mayor until a new mayor could be elected in November. To serve in Smith absence, Shawan Barr was appointed as District 1 Councilwoman.

5. Town Creek Culvert project

The city council approved the Town Creek Culvert project, a $31 million project to upgrade to the stormwater drainage system in the downtown area. Construction on the project is set to begin in January, and will result in several road closures throughout the downtown area over the next year.

The contract was unanimously approved on Oct. 12 by the Greenville City Council to award the bulk of the contract to Trader Construction of New Bern.

The Town Creek Culvert is responsible for draining stormwater from about 250 acres in downtown and adjacent areas. It begins near Ninth and Ficklen streets and continues to an outlet into the Tar River between Reade Circle and South Summit Street. Portions of the culvert were built before 1935.
Discount mulberry sale 2013 Outlet Government Politics