mulberry sale shop Here’s why Rolling Mill matters

mulberry mini alexa Here’s why Rolling Mill matters

(Editor’s note: To this point, although some properties have been boughtafter negotiations with homeowners, no effort has been madeto legally exercise eminent domain with regard to Rolling Mill.)

The ongoing resistance toeminent domain by certain Rolling Mill residents has been frequently covered by local media outlets, yet for the most part those unaffected seem more or less apathetic.

The lack of public concern surprises and alarms me because the preservation and protection of an individual’s constitutional rights should be a priority to every citizen.

Many would argue that eminent domain is logical and appropriate in certain instances, such as when seizing private property contributes to public health, education or the ability to travel. Yet our city feels that it serves the public to take people’s real estate and give it to business owners for “economic development.”

The only entities who will benefit and “develop” economically are the business owners themselves. While it’s true that 80 percent of Rolling Mill’s residents negotiated with the project, how many do you think did so of their own free will?

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mulberry sale shop Here's why Rolling Mill matters