Discount mulberry christmas sale Outlet here’s what happens when a semi cuts you off

ebay purses here’s what happens when a semi cuts you off

Even though there’s no damage it’s still a traffic violation.”

Niewind says the majority of traffic citations in North Dakota for something like this are just $20 something that hasn’t changed since around when he was born.

To learn more, we visited the North Dakota State College of Science, where commercial driving instructor, Brian Ware, let us check out the blind spots.

In the video, the SUV was on the truck driver’s left side.

“Left side is much easier to see,” Ware said. “But once you get off to the left side of your vehicle, not much, probably about 10 feet or so, it gets a little more difficult to spot vehicles out there. Especially when you’re looking close to the side of your truck and then trying to see what else is beside you. But the right side is the worst.”

Ware says a person only needs to obtain a commercial driver’s license once but some companies require remedial training.

“I do think that drivers from time to time need remedial training,” Ware said, “just to stay current with safety and stay current with their skills. Make sure they’re operating properly. Because after you drive for a while, you kind of get comfortable with your skills sometimes and you tend to take short cuts.”
Discount mulberry christmas sale Outlet here's what happens when a semi cuts you off