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Animal protection officer Jay Lester said Wednesday he is investigating the allegations under the Animal Protection Act, but would provide no further details.

Whitehorse RCMP were made aware of the allegations on Monday.

“YTG Animal Protection is investigatingthe matter and we are providing assistance and support as they require,” Const. Christine Grant said via email on Thursday.

Reached by phone Wednesday morning, the 69 year old Dillabough said he’d heard about the photos circulating online, but hadn’t seen them because he doesn’t have a computer.

Nor had he heard from the government regarding its investigation.

But he denied claims of any neglect.

When given a description of the photos, Dillabough explained each one.

The horse with the infected eye died after the infection spread to its other eye and then its brain, he said.

“I had that horse pumped up full of penicillin for quite a while, and he was over 20 years old.”

That horse died last winter the animal depicted in the photos lying in the field and Dillabough removed the carcass this past spring, as soon as he could, he said.

The skinny horse, he said, had worms. He’s since been dewormed and has gained weight.

And the horse with the infected gash on its lip isn’t one of his, he said.

Betty Irwin, a city councillor and manager of the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter, said Wednesday the shelter is aware of the photos, but won’t be getting involved.

“It isn’t that we wouldn’t like to get involved in the care of large animals but we just have no mandate to do so, and since it’s outside of city limits, of course, that’s another problem for us,” she said.

The matter is in the hands of the territory’s animal protection officer, Irwin pointed out.

Several concerned Whitehorse residents have been sharing the photos on Facebook and discussing how to help the horses.

Dillabough believes this is all a smear campaign against him because one of the women who’s been vocal about the alleged neglect owes him $6,600, he said.
mulberry pink bag Allegations of horse neglect investigated