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for the “i love robots” event . and joins us now with more. the event was held at the terre haute children’s museum as part of first fridays. i spoke with one young girl who says she liked driving a robot! nats:robot members of local team area 51 88 turned over the controller to their competition robot. to kids! 5 year old eleanor was the first to drive. eleanor says, “i tried to move forward and it was kind of fast.” drivers tried to capture a cube. “i was doing left and right, up, down, a lot of stuff.” area 5188 is made up of students across vigo county. each year the team works to design and build a robot for competition. the program is aimed at inspiring kids to learn more about science. technology. engineering and math . but the team captain says it’s much more than just that. caleb boutell, area 5188 classified robotics student captain robotic team of vigo county says, “but we’re also encouraged to be self led, to run our own teams, to have the students make the decisions that go into the robot and not just the coaches.” the team also works on out reach. that has them building marble roller coasters and performing popsicle chain reactions to teach others. but the big draw is still the robot. “the younger kids are always super excited to see our robot driving around. it’s really cool to see something as big as them moving around, especially when they get to control it themselves. it’s really cool.” area 51 88 can spend up to 5 thousand dollars on the robot according to a coach. and they accept donations. other high schoolers are also welcome to join. a new traveling exhibit at the children’s museum
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New head of DEA covered up drug dealer in past George W. Bush has nominated Hutchinson to head the DEA, the biggest drug fighting squad in the world. attorney here that he should be required to answer. The questions have hung about for years, but so far he has managed to dodge them.”But some strange things happened in Hutchinson s district while he was federal prosecutor that he doesn t mention in his speeches. “The story of Lin Hai is historic because he was the first person in China to be imprisoned due to Internet related activities. In fact, it could be said that Lin is China first cyber dissident. He was in prison between March 1998 and September 1999. made many dreams when a teenager. And now I know I won have time to turn all of them into reality. Technology always came easy to me, though. I love the Internet. I believe that the Internet can help bring China towards a democratic society. Can China control the Internet No. The Internet is designed to not be controllable; that the main technical principle. The Internet is turning out to be the only public media where freedom grows in China. “Today marks day 10 of tax activist Bob Schulz hunger strike a last ditch effort to gain an audience with government officials asked to address arguments that income taxes have no legal basis.”Commonly called protesters or by the IRS even though many, including Schulz, do pay their taxes members of the self described movement or movement believe income taxes are a hoax. And even if the amendment were properly enacted, Congress has never enacted a law effecting the collection of such taxes, they believe. Tampa institutes face recognition cameras in nightlife districtsA new law in Tampa is raising concerns about Big Brother.

The city is using high tech security cameras to scan the city streets for people wanted for crimes. A computer software program linked to 36 cameras began scanning crowds Friday in Tampa nightlife district, Ybor City, matching results against a database of mug shots of people with outstanding arrest warrants. She just broke up with her boyfriend, lost her job, had been drinking, and is depressed. If you knew she would feel better in the morning, would you physically restrain her to keep her from killing herself Now the correct answer, of course, is “Well, yes, I would.” Therefore, since it moral for one person to interfere with the liberty of another person, Goldberg reasoned, it entirely proper for government, especially a representative democracy, to do so as well. Government websites tracking users despite being told to stop.”Sen. Fred Thomson, R Tenn., and Rep. They must also post privacy notices on sites in which substantial information is collected from visitors.

“According to the Inspector General of the Defense Department, 128 out of the 400 sites reviewed had 128 persistent cookies present. “The plan calls for screening all first born infants about 18,000 a year in the state for medical problems and risk factors that could lead to abuse or neglect, or cause children to fail in school. Nurses and other professional busybodies would have license to visit homes of new parents to check them out for drug use and alcohol problems among other things.”Like what other things Well, already hospitals and doctors in Oregon and elsewhere survey new parents on subjects such as whether they keep guns in the home. NYC Schools educate in the ways of the Police StateYet another reason for STUDENTS to get pro active and quit waiting for the system to fix their problems. Students of NYC!!!! Walk out of your police run schools! Don look back! If a majority of students DID do this, it would dramatically change our culture. In white suburban America, where the most brutal acts of student violence have taken place, parents and community leaders resist metal detectors and police, arguing that criminalizing schools is too high a price. But in New York City, where 85 percent of the students are kids of color, these procedures have silently become daily routine. As of June 2000, there were 191 baggage X ray machines and 305 walk through metal detectors in use in 72 schools, with more to come.

“Each generation has raised its share of rebellious teenagers, from the rollers of the to the stoners of the In the suburbs, white parents resist bringing in high security to deal with their rebellious teens. In this city, public school adolescents risk paying an exceptionally high price for what could be ordinary acting out. Black and Hispanic parents have long been stripped of the right to have their children properly educated in this city; now they are forced to watch as schools supported by their tax dollars and administered by people they elect become a vessel for introducing their children to the criminal justice system.”Students, Teens, Kids, whatever label we call you. July 9th is Gun Burning Day at the UN! Yippie!”No joke. The United Nations Conference on Small Weapons is sponsoring massive gun burnings on July 9 to mark the opening in New York of the UN Conference on Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons. Organizers of the Conference say public destruction of weapons is good because it one of the best ways to attract attention to global civilian disarmament.

“A UN report in August 1999 recommended that small arms and light weapons which are not under legal civilian possession and which are not required for the purposes of national defense and internal security, should be collected and destroyed by States as expeditiously as possible. Kofi Annan in April 2000 called for proliferation of small arms, declaring that weapons must be brought under the control of states.

“A UN Committee of Governmental Experts in March 2001 recommended that prohibitions against selling arms to anyone except other governments. US Postal System “Under the Eagle Eye” program goes beyond “Know your Customer””Many privacy advocates see similarities in the post office s customer surveillance program, called the Eagle s Eye, to the Your Customer rules. In fact, in a postal service training manual also obtained by Insight, postal clerks are admonished to your customers. Both the manual and the training video give a broad definition of in instructing clerks when to fill out a activity report after a customer has made a purchase. rule of thumb is if it seems suspicious to you, then it is suspicious, says the manual. we said before, and will say again, it is better to report many legitimate transactions that seem suspicious than let one illegal one slip through. thing that should set off alarms, the postal service says, is a customer objecting to filling out an 8105 A form that requests their date of birth, occupation and driver s license or other government issued ID for a purchase of money orders of $3,000 or more. If they cancel the purchase or request a smaller amount, the clerk automatically should fill out Form 8105 B, the report. postal service has a responsibility to know what their legitimate customers are doing with their instruments, Al Gillum, a former postal inspector who now is acting program manager, tells Insight. people are buying instruments outside of a norm that the entity itself has to establish, then that s where you start with suspicious analysis, suspicious reporting. It literally is based on knowing what our legitimate customers do, what activities they re involved in. “Taking the politics of personal destruction to new lows, Flynt published a composite photo of Ms. Bush face superimposed on a nude model as she sat spread eagled on an American flag. The explicit graphic first ran in Hustler April issue, shortly after the underage Ms. Bush was ticketed for alcohol possession by Texas police. Above the imaginary pornographic photo of the first daughter, Hustler mean spirited headline read: Bush, This Could be You. Corruption, theft rampant at Department of Education. Missing money reaches $6 billion.”Stories about government waste, fraud and abuse are common, but the scandal at the Department of Education has reached a new and unprecedented level. This is an agency out of control. Yet the story remains largely untold. Recognizing the dimensions of the problem, Rep. Charles Norwood of Georgia has suggested the department be shut down until the problems are solved. FCC Chairman calls the new age of the internet will be messy and it will be confusing, and we will get a lot of it wrong and we have to start over, Powell said in an interview with The Associated Press. that the creative process, that the evolutionary process. They also distributed fliers containing photographs of Holocaust victims.”At Million Mom Marches across the United States held in May over the past two years, Tyranny Response Team members disrupted proceedings by outnumbering and outshouting the marching moms. At many of these marches, they shouted down speakers by yelling Heil, while raising their arms in a Nazi salute. “I would say anarchism is the attempt to eradicate all forms of domination. This includes not only such obvious forms as the nation state, with its routine use of violence and the force of law, and the corporation, with its institutionalized irresponsibility, but also such internalized forms as patriarchy, racism, homophobia. Canada moves to legalize pot possession and use of small amounts of marijuana a civil offense akin to a traffic fine instead of a criminal violation would move Canadian policy closer to attitudes in The Netherlands and away from the United States,
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its neighbor and biggest trade partner. anti drug activists like Robert Maginnis of the Family Research Council. In a report, the PRD legislator said that Mexico and all of Latin America must advance strategies to the spinal column of drug trafficking, since the policies imposed by the United States have shown to be a rotund failure.

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(KELO) Emily Fodness, the young woman who survived a building collapse in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, earlier this month is now speaking out about her experience.

She was buried in the rubble for over three hours. Her dramatic rescue was broadcast live on KELOLAND TV as viewers held their breaths minute by minute until she was finally pulled from the rubble.

had turned over and by the time I turned over, I saw in the corner of my room, the floor just starting to cave in, Fodness said. falling, honestly, went pretty fast. I didn realize I fell 15 feet at that point; I just heard everything come on top of me. says she was conscious the whole time, but had no idea of the magnitude of the collapse.

couldn move my legs whatsoever; they were pinned under concrete, so they were in a lot of pain the whole time. You not paralyzed, from what I could tell. So that good,’ Fodness said.

Still, as she waited for rescue, her emotions and fear began to take over.

I in here thinking, anyone know I under here? And that was frightening to me, Fodness said.

probably had about this much space in front of me and that was my bedding, Fodness said.

That bedding was Fodness mattress. It had fallen on top of her, which rescue workers say probably protected her from other debris.

Just as miraculous, somehow her cell phone had fallen with her, but she couldn find it at first.

Her parents tried calling her repeatedly, but she couldn answer because it was behind her.

was trying to figure out where it was at, I stayed still and tried to figure it out. Because I thinking, there any way I going to get out of here, I need to get my phone,’ Fodness said.

Once she found her phone, she immediately called her mother back.

I underneath this rubble. You need to send help. By that time I had already heard sirens come out and by the time she had gotten there and she said,
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daughter is in there. I could hear her voice cracking, daughter in there,’ Fodness said.

Fodness said she stayed on the phone the entire time talking with first responders while yelling for help as they tried pinpointing her location under all the debris. She said minutes seemed like hours.

still couldn hear me and this is probably an hour and half into it and I just broke down and cried and thought, I going to die here?’ Fodness said.

As scared as she was, Fodness says she had to stay focused and not panic.

took a moment and said, you need to relax. If you going to get out of this, you going to need to stay calm. Stay composed as well as you can,’ Fodness said. tried moving my bedding, but every time I did, it got close to my face, so you can do that otherwise you going to end up suffocating. a surprise appeared from out of nowhere. Her dog Nova survived the collapse and somehow instinctively found her and crawled toward her.

she got up there, it was a relief. My dog was alive. are going to comfort each other, and that what we did, Fodness said.

Two hours into the ordeal, rescue workers who had kept digging through the debris and talking with her on the cell phone finally heard her voice.

heard a couple of them say, can hear her. I can hear her. That gave me hope. So, coming; they coming, because what was three hours seemed like an eternity being under there, Fodness said. remember the whole time when I was under there I had my hand out as far as my right hand could go because I like, going to be the first thing they going to see.’ they did. They saw her hand and held it.

When firefighters pulled her from the rubble, Fodness says she could hear people cheering.

Fodness injured both her legs and hips, but incredibly, never broke any bones.

She says her dramatic rescue was a bittersweet ending though because of the death of Ethan McMahon, a construction worker who died in the collapse.

Now she struggles with survivor guilt.

easily could have been me and I can have that feeling. me? He a Marine; he just had a kid. I think about that kind of stuff. I wish he and his family had a different outcome. I know what I going through right now, but I can imagine, Fodness said.

The Fodnesses have sent their condolences to the McMahon family and are heartbroken for their loss.

feel like our families will always be linked in a way but we will never know what each other is going through because we went through different battles. And I here and to lose someone the way they did is awful, Fodness said.
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Before you get all excited, let me be clear: I am not literally this child’s mother. I do not know this child, or the child’s parents, and I have no personal role in this story whatsoever.

What I am, though, is a mother. And a human being. And right at this moment, I feel compelled to step up and say: I am the mother of that screaming kid on the airplane.

Because I very easily could be. And if I were, and if it were my child whose face and wails were travelling around the world to be mocked and devoured by trolls, my heart would be broken. And I would want someone else to step up and say: Stop. Just stop. What in the heck are you all thinking?

There are so very, very, very many things wrong with this whole story that I just don’t know where to start.

First off, the vast majority of the two million people who’ve seen this video have no context for it whatsoever. We have no actual, verified facts beyond what’s presented to us in the video.

Yes, we are left with the impression that this small demon spawn in fact screamed non stop for the entire eight hours of the flight but we don’t, in fact, have any idea if that’s true. (The fact that the maker of the video helpfully inserted little titles to supposedly track the hours passing means nothing; anyone with editing software and a bit of skill can paste any sound and video together with some words to say pretty much anything they want.)

We’re also left with the impression that the child was left to run amok with no parental interference whatsoever. Again, we have no idea if that’s true though I must say it strikes me me as unlikely that flight attendants would not have intervened if the child was really causing that much disturbance, since it would have to be considered a safety risk to have a passenger of any size running wild. And I haven’t seen at this point any attempts by anyone to contact the airline for a response (though I may have missed it).

But even assuming that this whole story is all actually literally true that the child wailed, screamed and ran amok for the whole flight we still don’t know enough to have the kind of hateful, intolerant responses I’ve seen all over social media.

We have no context for the child’s outburst. We don’t know what led up to it, or how long it lasted, or what it was about, or what the parent or parents tried to do about it. We don’t know anything about this family’s history, situation or circumstances in this moment. We don’t know if this child has another issue that wasn’t necessarily visible to onlookers. I hesitate to label any child I don’t know, but it strikes me as unlikely in the extreme that any healthy, neurotypical child would in fact produce the non stop “demonic” wails that are presented in the video for eight hours running. Sure, kids have tantrums but for most, 15 or 20 minutes of wailing would constitute a major meltdown. And, while I get that for an onlooker (and especially for an embarrassed and stressed out parent) that 15 or 20 minutes can feel like a lifetime, it’s a far cry from eight hours.

What hurts my heart about this whole thing is how many, many thousands of people with no stake in this story are so remarkably quick to judge. They’ve taken this video and run with it as proof of all kinds of things primarily that kids today are out of control because of overindulgent parenting. The maker of the video himself inserted the helpful suggestion that “some believe this is proof that digital devices cause this.”

(It hurts my heart even more that, on my hunt to watch the original video before passing judgment on it, I Googled “child has tantrum on airplane.” The results? Well, suffice it to say it’s awful,
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and saddening, how many times people have recorded strangers’ children having tantrums and posted them on social media for all the world to judge.)

And while all the armchair parents are passing harsh judgment on this situation they know nothing whatsoever about, somewhere out there is a mother with a small child who had their really crap day captured on film and immortalized forever for all the world to see in the most shaming possible way.

What, exactly, was the point of filming this whole scenario? Did the maker of the video (a New York based artist named Shane Townley, according to YouTube) have an agenda beyond just sharing his personal story of his Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for the rest of the world to see? I will note, somewhat cynically, that a typical video on this particular artist’s YouTube channel has a couple of hundred views. One video he apparently shot of a woman screaming at people on the subway has something like 13,000. This one? Yep, two million and climbing by the minute.

In fairness, the artist may not have had anything to do with the video getting picked up by other media outlets. So I shall give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he just posted the thing on a lark, not in any calculating way but simply not thinking about what its impact could be.

Either way, it’s clear that somebody’s desire for “hits” (be that the original posters or the media outlets in question) far outstripped human compassion on this one.

The whole scenario doesn’t say anything pretty about us as human beings.

But you know what? Just when I had started to lament social media’s powers to bring out the worst in people, I ran across this post, shared in the New West Moms Group on Facebook (a place that regularly restores my faith in social media, by the way). And I thought, yes. This. This is how you respond when you’re stuck somewhere with a tantruming child and a parent who seems in that moment powerless to do anything about it.

You step forward and you offer to help. You sing to the child. You share a snack. You distract with a toy. You offer help and comfort to the mom who, just then, is beyond her ability to cope and overwhelmed by the stress of it all.

That’s how you show compassion. That’s how you act like a human being.

That’s what was missing in the original video. I hope that it just wasn’t filmed. That somewhere on that infamous Lufthansa flight there was someone who extended a hand who offered a snack, or a toy, or a kind word to the parent, or who tried in some small way to intervene with compassion. I hope that’s the moment we just didn’t see. I have to believe that somewhere on that plane, someone showed kindness to a family who needed it.

Here’s my suggestion to every single person who has a strong opinion about this situation: Next time you see something like this happening, try being less like the Lufthansa passengers and more like the kind hearted women at LAX. Try to think of some way, however small, that you might be able to make someone’s day just a little better.

Failing that, just butt out. If you can’t bring yourself to try to help, then please, don’t sit there surreptitiously recording the whole thing on your iPhone so you can shame the parents later. Just put on your damn headphones and watch a movie and do your best to pretend nothing’s happening.

And try, just try, to hold just one small sliver of compassion in your heart for the fellow human beings who, right in that moment,
mulberry shop london I am the mother of that screaming kid on the airplane
could really use some kindness.

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The Hyundai Kona is a car clearly designed to sell on design. It’s not that rewarding to drive, thanks to lifeless steering and a 1.0 litre engine that isn’t as flexible as the small units in some of the car’s rivals. The ride is unsettled on the larger wheels that come on many versions, and there’s not as much passenger or luggage space on board as you’ll find in some competitors. There’s an EV version coming that could be a standout car in the class; as it stands, though, the Kona is in the middle of the pack if you’re after an alternative to a Nissan Juke or Renault Captur.Hyundai has a fair history of SUVs; its Santa Fe has long been one of the best value large SUVs on the market, while more recently, the ix35 and its successor, the Tucson, have been strong contenders in the family SUV sector.The Korean brand has also enjoyed strong sales of smaller cars, too but its offerings have always been conventional and relatively conservative hatchbacks vehicles like the i10 and i20.The Kona is designed to change that. It’s a small SUV that gives Hyundai a proper rival for the likes of the Nissan Juke and the Renault Captur, as well as more recent arrivals like the Citroen C3 Aircross and SEAT Arona. Hyundai Kona vs Citroen C3 Aircross vs Mazda CX 3Hyundai is taking it pretty seriously, too; the firm believes that as much as 50 percent of its total sales volume could be SUVs within the next few years, so it has invested heavily in developing an all new platform to sit under the Kona. In an unusual development, this is a different approach from sister firm Kia, whose Stonic small SUV is based on the fundamentals of the Rio and i20 superminis.The real benefits of the Kona’s platform should come with a pure electric version of the car, that’s due to arrive, along with a diesel variant, in the summer of 2018.Image 2 of 24The Kona is also, in effect, a replacement for Hyundai’s small MPV, the ix20. That model has an uncertain future because sales of that type of vehicle have been dropping consistently over the years. Hyundai is hoping that as well as attracting younger, dynamic customers to the brand, the Kona can also fulfil the needs of ix20 customers, who are after practicality as much as image.The mechanical line up of the Kona is relatively simple at launch. There are just two petrol engines a 1.0 litre unit on all but the range topping edition, and a 1.6 that tops the line up in a variant that also brings a dual clutch automatic gearbox and four wheel drive.The 1.0 has four possible trim levels S, SE, Premium and Premium SE. Go with S trim and you’ll get air conditioning, front and rear electric windows, electrically adjustable side mirrors, auto headlights and LED daytime running lights. DAB and Bluetooth are included too, albeit as part of a monochrome LCD infotainment system.SE brings several useful additions to this, upgrading the infotainment screen to a a seven inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There’s also electric adjustment on the driver’s seat, rear parking sensors and rear view camera, plus 17 inch alloy wheels,
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cruise control, fog lights and leather on the steering wheel and gear knob.Premium adds climate control, keyless entry and ignition, and auto wipers, and increases the touchscreen size to eight inches. Crucially, it also increases the wheel size to 18 inches.Premium SE is as high as you can go with a 1.0 engine; it brings heated and ventilated leather seats, a head up display and a heated steering wheel, plus front parking sensors.The 1.6’s trim level is called Premium GT; it offers full LED headlights and tail lights, a larger driver’s information screen in the instrument cluster, and some additional safety features including pedestrian recognition as part of the autonomous emergency braking function.Engines, performance and drive3.5We haven’t really seen a small SUV that’s genuinely involving to drive and the Kona doesn’t come close to bucking this trend. It has few vices, admittedly, but there is precious little scope for enjoyment either.The 1.0 engine has just about enough grunt for most everyday situations, although you’ll need to keep an eye on the rev counter if you’re about to attempt overtaking. That’s because the three cylinder turbocharged engine has a pretty narrow power band; Hyundai claims peak torque between 1,500rpm and 4,000rpm, but it feels like it starts about 700rpm higher than that.Drop out of this area and you’ll soon find yourself becoming impatient as you wait for the motor to spin up to its best potential again. Other three cylinder units on the market are a bit more forgiving notably Citroen’s and Peugeot’s excellent 1.2 PureTech.The Kona’s transmission (a six speed manual on all but the 1.6 version) isn’t the slickest either, but it’s quick enough as long as you’re positive with shifts. The squared off gear knob doesn’t sit particularly easily in the hand, though.Image 5 of 24The chassis is set up to understeer at anything approaching its limit, and it does although in fairness, the front end hangs on gamely unless you really throw it at a corner. This in itself is harder to do than it should be, because the steering presumably calibrated in the name of ‘sportiness’ is unusually heavy for a car of this type.The car stays pretty flat in corners, but the trade off for this is a brittle ride on all but smooth surfaces; the rear end jolts over potholes and expansion joints, and the Kona never quite settles down over the sort of patchwork tarmac that you tend to find at the edges of plenty of British roads.Tyre size will play a part in this, of course. S and SE models come with 16in and 17in wheels respectively, and we’d strongly recommend you ask for a back to back test before committing to the 18in items that come with Premium, Premium SE and Premium GT versions.At least the Kona’s pretty quiet once it’s up to speed, as the characterful three cylinder note fades away. Wind noise seems well isolated, too, so there’s not much of a rush from around the side mirrors.The 1.6 T GDi model gets a different chassis set up, with more complex rear suspension and this goes some way towards negating the harsher experience of its 18in wheels. You can definitely tell that there’s something more sophisticated at the back end. This car’s dual clutch gearbox (the only automatic Kona on offer, at the moment) isn’t too bad, either,
mulberry outlet york website Hyundai Kona Review
delivering only rare jerky shifts at low speeds around town.

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A strangely good looking new take on the i30 hatchback, but not a car that will rewrite any dynamic rules any time soon. Styling tweaks are impressive, however, and no one could argue with the specification, quality, value or packaging of the i30 Fastback. Ultimately, however, the five door coupe remains an anomaly, despite what Hyundai might want us to believe.Five door coupes don’t tend to appeal to vast audiences in the UK. Some would say for good reason, as they seem provide the answer to a question that no one is terribly interested in asking. But Hyundai believes it has come up with a fresh take on the genre with this; the new i30 Fastback. There will also be a cheaper 1.0 litre three cylinder model with 118bhp and 171Nm, and in the fullness of time these two will be joined by a 1.6 litre diesel. Best family cars on saleVisually, the Fastback differs from the regular five door in a number of ways. There are minor tweaks to the front and sides, but a major rethink of the final third gives the car a much more rakish appearance without losing out on boot space. In the flesh, it looks smart, and a fair bit more arresting than the hatch especially on big 18 inch wheels and tyres.Don’t think of the Fastback as a genuinely sporting Hyundai, however, because although it has a reasonable turn of speed (0 62mph in 9.2sec and a 129mph top speed) it falls someway short of the i30 N hot hatch. That’s intentional, though, and leaves room for a high power model later down the line.Beneath the skin, Hyundai has made a series of small but significant tweaks to the running gear to provide the Fastback with a unique driving experience, however. The springs are 15 per cent stiffer all round,
Discount mulberry bags uk sale Outlet Hyundai i30 Fastback 1
the roof height 30mm lower and the entire car sits five millimetres closer to the ground. The body shell is wider at the back thanks to restyled rear wheel arches, although the track widths remain unchanged.The gearbox in the car we tried was the six speed manual but there will also be a seven speed DCT option. The former works well enough, with clean shifts up and down the ratios, while the engine displays little lag or noise with plenty of thrust from around 2,000rpm onwards. It’s an effective engine, rather than a brilliant one, however.The same goes for the chassis, steering and brakes. The Fastback handles and rides neatly, tidily, comfortably, and has absolutely no vices up its sleeve on or near the limit. But at the same time it never really touches on brilliance in any area.There are various trim levels, starting with the SE Nav, rising to Premium SE as tested here. It feels like a quality product, too, with a sense of genuine precision to the switches and main controls that is now every bit a match for the best European models at this price level. In this trim brings a high level of equipment that includes a simple but intuitive touchscreen infotainment centre and a full connectivity package that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.It works extremely well in practice, plus there are a host of safety features engineered into the car that are usually the preserve of far more expensive and luxurious machines. Kit such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision avoidance, driver attention warning, blind spot collision warning and lane keeping assist are all included.But it’s the space in the rear seats that is usually the bane of the five door coupe. In this respect however the Fastback is surprisingly un compromised, with as much legroom as the hatch and very nearly as much headroom. We put a six foot passenger behind a six foot driver and there was just about enough space for both. The 450 litre boot is (on paper) even bigger with the same floorspace and only a fraction less height.Key specsModel: Hyundai i30 Fastback Premium SE 1.4 T GDi 140PS ManualPrice: 24,155Engine: 1.4 litre, 4cyl turbo petrolPower/torque: 138bhp/242NmTransmission: Six speed manual,
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front wheel drive.

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This press release is available in French. Montreal, January 26, 2009 A study conducted by Universit de Montral researchers on downstream and upstream water from the Montreal wastewater treatment plant has revealed the presence of chemotherapy products and certain hypertension and cholesterol medications.

Bezafibrate (cholesterol reducing medication), enalapril (hypertension medication), methotrexate and cyclophosphamide (two products used in the treatment of certain cancers) have all been detected in wastewater entering the Montreal treatment station. However, only bezafibrate and enalapril have been detected in the treated water leaving the wastewater treatment plant and in the surface water of the St. Lawrence River, where the treated wastewater is released.

This study was conducted due to the sharp rise in drug consumption over the past few years. In 1999, according to a study by IMS Health Global Services, world drug consumption amounted to $342 billion. In 2006 that figure doubled to $643 billion. A significant proportion of the drugs consumed are excreted by the human body in urine and end up in municipal wastewater. Chemotherapy products, such as methotrexate, are excreted by the body practically unchanged (80 to 90 percent in their initial form).

The pharmaceutical compounds studied were chosen because of the large quantities prescribed by physicians. “Methotrexate and cyclophosphamide are two products very often used to treat cancer and are more likely to be found in water,” says Sbastien Sauv, a professor of environmental chemistry at the Universit de Montral. “Even though they treat cancer, these two products are highly toxic. This is why we wanted to know the extent to which the fauna and flora of the St. Lawrence are exposed to them.”

Professor Sauv’s team validated a rapid detection method (On line SPE LC MS/MS ) (1) for pharmaceutical compounds under study in the raw and treated wastewater of the Montreal wastewater treatment plant.

The quantities of bezafibrate and enalapril detected in the raw wastewater, treated wastewater and surface water at the treatment station outlet are respectively 50 nanograms per litre, 35 ng L and 8 ng L for bezafibrate and 280 ng L, 240 ng L and 39ng L for enalapril.

“All in all, these quantities are minimal, yet we don’t yet know their effects on the fauna and flora of the St. Lawrence,” Professor Sauv explains. “It is possible that some species are sensitive to them. Other ecotoxicological studies will be necessary. As for the chemotherapy products detected in the raw wastewater but not in the treated wastewater, one question remains: did we not detect them because the treatment process succeeded in eliminating them or because our detection method is not yet sophisticated enough to detect them?”

A new threat to the aquatic environment

The release locations of wastewaters treated by the treatment stations are the main source of drug dispersion into the environment. Because of their high polarity and their acid base character, some of the pharmaceutical compounds studied have the potential to be transported and dispersed widely in the aquatic environment. In Montreal, the wastewater treatment station treats a water volume representing 50 percent of the water treated in Quebec and has a capacity of about 7.6 million cubic metres per day, making it the largest physicochemical treatment station in the Americas. This is why it is important to develop a simple, rapid, precise and inexpensive method, Professor Sauv points out.

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Magney State Park near Grand Marais actually soon re enters the river from underground, according to new research.

In fall 2016, hydrologists from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources found nearly identical volumes of water flowing both above the Devil’s Kettle waterfall and below it. Above the waterfall, stream gauges measured the flow of the Brule River at 123 cubic feet per second. Below the waterfall, gauges detected 121 feet per second.

“In the world of stream gauging, those two numbers are essentially the same and are within the tolerances of the equipment,” explained DNR springshed mapping hydrologist Jeff Green. “The readings show no loss of water below the kettle,
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so it confirms the water is resurging in the stream below it.”

Green and Calvin Alexander, a colleague at the University of Minnesota, plan to conduct a dye trace to show where the water resurfaces. In the fall of 2017, during low water flow, they will pour a fluorescent, biodegradable dye into the pothole and note where the dye re enters the river.

Read the full story online on the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer webpage.

The bimonthly magazineis a source of outdoor information and ideas in homes statewide. Published by the DNR, the magazine has more than 115,
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000 subscribers and an estimated readership of nearly a half million Minnesotans.

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TRADITIONALLY IN ECOLOGY it’s thought that diseases play a big role in the formation of new species, with hybrids sometimes being more vulnerable to infections that exploit weaknesses in the host. However, a new study of parrots has shown that perhaps the opposite is the case that two may be better than one at fighting off disease.

Scientists from the Centre for Integrative Ecology at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria, studied the infection patterns of beak and feather diseases in crimson rosellas across southern Australia.

This included several hybrid populations in north eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales, located in between the range of the two parent sub species. (Platycercus elegans flaveolus and P. e. elegans). The scientist found that when the sub species mated, the resulting offspring seemed to cope better with a potentially deadly virus.

Hybrid parrot better at keeping disease at bay

“The science is complex, as disease host relationships are complex and with a wild animal it’s hard to control all relevant factors,” says Professor Andy Bennett, the research group leader.

But, after an eight year study, published recently in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, it’s clear the hybrid forms have lower viral loads and prevalence of the disease, and the data suggest the exceptional resistance in hybrids is a likely explanation. “It really is quite rare to be able to study disease and hosts together in natural populations, and rarer still across multiple subspecies and hybrid forms, so our study is quite unusual.”

Parrot ring species a rare case study

The study also provides the first example of a virus following a mode of evolution known as the ‘ring species’ hypothesis, where a population of the species expands around an inhospitable area, following a ring like path and accumulating genetic differences along the way, such that when populations meet at the end of the ring, they are so different that they behave like different species.

“Ring species are rare natural laboratories”, says Andy, as they can help scientists study how a population of a single species evolves to become two different species. “There are only about 25 hypothesised examples in plants and animals worldwide. While we suspected a ring species pattern in the bird, patterns akin to this in the virus are novel and exciting.”

These findings will help scientists better understand host parasite interactions and how parasites can influence how new species form, and may even provide a new way to protect endangered species. “Disease is an ever present challenge to animals,” Andy says. “Using hybridisation to reduce disease susceptibility in endangered parrots is one predicted translation of our findings.”

Funded by the Australian Research Council, the group will now apply their findings to assist with conservation of the Orange Bellied parrot, in collaboration with Zoos Victoria, Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases, Charles Sturt University and Biosecurity Victoria.
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wallets mens Hutton Scandal Unfolded

To some of the regional managers, the presentation was merely one more session in a strenuous two day conference, and a complicated one at that.

Others at the meeting embraced the ambitious system, eagerly passing it on to their branch managers across the country, later squabbling over how to divide the mushrooming profits and ultimately triggering a scandal that was still reverberating through the executive offices at Hutton headquarters here last week.

The financial abuses that grew out of Sullivans system became public May 2 when Hutton pleaded guilty to 2,000 counts of mail and wire fraud in a federal court in Scranton, Pa. The plea, which will keep individual employees from ever being charged, followed a three year investigation by a federal grand jury.

The company admitted operating a scheme that obtained billions of dollars in interest free loans from dozens of banks from 1980 to 1982 by systematically overdrawing its bank accounts and purposely delaying the clearing of its checks. Hutton paid a $2 million fine and agreed to make restitution to banks that lost money.

Huttons guilty plea seemed to herald major changes in corporate policies governing the daily movement through the banking system of tens of billions of dollars worth of checks and hundreds of billions of dollars of electronic financial transfers. What is less clear is whether the Hutton case will result in reform of banking practices.

Hutton executives said in interviews that the firm pleaded guilty partly to avoid the bad publicity of an extended trial, which could have lasted up to two years. Huttons top brass expected a week of bad press and then a return to normalcy.

It was a miscalculation of dramatic proportions.

Rather than closing the books on the episode, Huttons admission of guilt generated unprecedented publicity and a broad range of new inquiries by government agencies.

The House Judiciary Committees Subcommittee on Crime has begun a probe into the Justice Departments handling of the case, concentrating on why no individuals were indicted and whether the firm received preferential treatment from the government.

The Securities and Exchange Commission and several state regulators have initiated investigations to determine whether Hutton should forfeit its brokerage license. The Labor Department is attempting to decide whether Hutton should continue to handle investments for union pension funds.

A central question being asked by all the investigators is this: How high up in the executive structure at Hutton did knowledge of the improper overdrafting scheme go?

There is no tape of somebody confessing, but a look at the circumstantial evidence indicates that people at Hutton headquarters were encouraging this activity, said Rep.


Partly in an attempt to answer the question of who knew what and to quell the continuing furor, Hutton contributed its own post plea analysis to the controversy Thursday in the form of an internal report on the scheme. attorney general in the Jimmy Carter administration. Bell was hired by Hutton and paid an undisclosed amount.

Bell found that the blame went only as high as Thomas Morley, a senior vice president and Sullivans successor as money mobilizer. Morleys resignation was announced Thursday.

The firms chief financial officer, Thomas Lynch, also resigned after Bells report said he failed to install the internal controls that would have spotted the abuses. Huttons top in house lawyer, Thomas Rae, was also criticized for failure to install controls, and he will take an early retirement.

Twelve lower level employees were singled out for disciplinary action ranging from 30 day suspensions to letters of reprimand.

Bell said the overdrafting scheme had operated in 57 of the more than 300 branch offices Hutton had from 1980 to 1982, half as many branches as the Justice Department linked to the scheme.
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