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mulberry messenger bag john lewis Callegari ‘addicted’ to fastest sport on skates

It’s an extreme sport the fastest sport on skates and for Timmins’ Lorenzo Callegari, it’s an addiction.

The 21 year old noticed that Red Bull Crashed Ice was looking for new skaters a few years ago, so he made the trip to Ottawa to show his skills on flat ice, jumping over and going under obstacles.

was so much fun, said Callegari of his first Riders Cup a qualifying event that gets skaters entry into Crashed Ice competitions. fell in love with it right away, and I’ve been doing it ever since. first competition in Sherbrooke, Qc., in 2015, is I met a lot of the local Ontario guys that welcomed me into their team, Team SPEED. compete alone, but train together. With few people having access to an actual track, which is built differently in new cities every year, training requires creativity.

no permanent tracks right now, said Callegari. do a lot of rollerblading on indoor bike parks and outdoor skate parks. also trains on ice the same kind of ice Callegari would have spent time on as a hockey player in his youth. The Roland Michener Public School alumnus, named male athlete of the year when he graduated, hasn’t stopped competing.

His past experiences in hockey, volleyball, soccer, and especially track and field, have helped with this new sport.

really like exploding out of the gates and going fast, said Callegari, who enjoyed the 100 metre sprint in high school, and said his high school coaches helped with that gate start.

He’s currently studying kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. In his third year, Callegari expects the program to take him up to five years, as he studies part time during the winter semester to allow for Crashed Ice training.

professors are excited for me, and they help me out a lot, he said.

dream would be honestly to put my degree towards it if the sport grew big enough in the future that there would be an opening for someone to use a Bachelor of Kinesiology in some kind of training. the meantime, though, Callegari would like to get another ten years of competition in. This season is his first in the men’s division, having finished 10th in the world junior division last year. That put him at 3rd among junior Canadians aged 18 to 21.

was a highlight, for sure, being able to jump in as a rookie and succeed past my expectations of myself, he said. I did well last year, they invited me this year in the men’s division. described his year as both tough and exciting.

thrown in with a lot of really elite, experienced athletes. I didn’t quite know what my goals would be for this season. Obviously just keep competing and trying to get better. new division has him racing against skaters up to 30 years old,
mulberry somerset bag black friday Callegari 'addicted' to fastest sport on skates
including past champions.

just trying to take it as part of the learning curve and experience, he said. super cool to be training and competing and traveling with all the elite guys, and learn from them, and learn from the best. said camaraderie with the other athletes, getting to meet people around the world, performing in front of big crowds, and the feeling of going down the hill, and moving on to the next heat, are among what makes the sport so much fun and addicting. every course built differently, and races held against different competitors, strategy varies with every run.

the race, you do your time trials, they rank you, and then you see who your first race is going to be against. You learn the guys over time, and you try and predict, if I’m going to be out in front out of the gate, what should I do, what line should I take, who should I block, said Callegari.

really hard to predict because it’s such a fast sport and anything can happen. will host a Crashed Ice competition in Edmonton in March, with the United States and Finland’s races having already taken place this year. Another event is taking place in France this Saturday and Sunday.

year it’s in different countries and different host cities. It’s always exciting, when they release that information. It’s cool to figure out where you get to travel. Ice skaters didn’t travel to PyeongChang, South Korea for the Winter Olympics, but there are hopes to bring the sport to those games in the future.

really pushing for international recognition, said Callegari, who noted that more countries are participating in Crashed Ice competitions.

And the fans are coming, too.

Saint Paul (Minnesota), there were crowds of 100,000 people that came to watch, with all the lights and the music and the atmosphere. It was crazy to be a part of. said the sport is growing.

think ten years ago, there wasn’t a tour, it was way smaller scale it was just a one time event. Guys were just going out and doing it for fun. Over the last five years, you’ve seen guys really training in the off seasons.

the last two or three years that I’ve been doing it, it’s grown crazy big. I can only imagine what it would be like in the next five, ten years. said local sponsors Full Beard Brewing and Timmins Garage have supported him this year and last year. He said he wanted to thank them for their support.
mulberry somerset bag black friday Callegari 'addicted' to fastest sport on skates