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Despite the mad rush for engineering and medical as the most preferred

Ayurveda career options for the students, the respect Ayurveda has received in the past few years or decades is quite salient. Though it is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world in the modern day to day life, but Ayurveda is proved to be beneficial for both common men and physician. It is also believed to be the source of all system of modern medicines.

Ayurveda treatments have its own standard of purification and rejuvenation.

Ayurveda treatment in India subsumes the toxic substances that germinate due to poor diet, mental and physical stress, inadequate sleep, weak digestion and none the less an extremely polluted environment that ultimately leads to various life threatening diseases.

It helps to regain the equilibrium of the various human body parts that have been disturbed due to some artificial practices of the modern life.

According to the theory of Ayurveda all the living objects in this Universe are combinations of three energy elements air, fire and water. The balance between these three elements keeps one healthy. An imbalance and disorder in this naturally brings forth several diseases. So Ayurveda uses natural methods to keep the perfect balance of these components in living beings.

The treatment achieves its goal by focusing on a healthy metabolic state, good digestion and proper excretion. It is a five and half year of course with one year internship. preferably with Sanskrit or an examination equivalent to it. Science students having Physics, Chemistry, Biology and / or Sanskrit as their choice of subjects are qualified for this course too.

There are few institutions offering certificate or diploma courses or pre Ayurvedic courses to the students. The duration of such courses is 1to 2 years. or Matriculation degree as their qualification.

To the BAMS program admission is generally made on the basis of an entrance exam. There are also few institutes which accommodates students in order of their merit.

A BAMS student can opt for any of the 18 specialized Ayurveda courses such as pharmacist, surgeon, dietician, gynecologist, teacher, panchkarma practitioner, etc.

Candidates after the completion of BAMS can apply for post graduation in MD and MS in Ayurveda. This is a three years course which is organized by many recognized institutions of the country.

Candidates who have cleared their MBBS examination recognized by the Medical Council of India and has completed one year internship training can also apply for Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery in Ayurveda.

Under the ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS) indulges researches in various fundamental and applied aspects of Ayurveda. The students those who have qualified the academics of Ayurveda can engage in several research works to bring further development to this traditional system of medicine.

Career prospects of Ayurveda:

Bachelors Degree in Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery is an integration of Traditional Ayurveda with current medicines. Several Universities in India has awarded this medical Degree. After the graduation in BAMS, candidates can register in the Ayurveda boards controlled by both Central and State Government. A register candidate is qualified to work under any Ayurveda Medical Services anywhere in India. There are also several other choices in this Division of Study which a suitable candidate can opt for.

Career in Private Sector after BAMS:

Students having a BAMS Degree can find employment in copious private sectors

They can seek for a job under several administrative departments of many well reputed industries.

An additional management degree will provide them many opportunities in different industries.

Industries like Dabur, Lupine etc provides employments to many graduates of Ayurveda.

These graduates can also go for research works in Industries as a alternatives.

These aspirants can open their own retail shop in a well populated and easily accessible neighborhood.
ebay usa bags Career in Ayurvedic Medicine