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I wanted to share these pretty flowers today. My husband surprised me with these beautiful bouquets on a day that I was feeling a little sad just recently. It was on the day of my Mother birthday. As many know, I lost my Mom 3 years ago and also lost my Dad two months later. Anniversaries of birthdays and of the day they passed away can be sad times for people that have lost someone they love. My dear husband came home with flowers for me on the day of my Mom birthday, and I was so touched by his sweet gesture.

The beautiful flowers brought a smile to my face and made me feel very loved on a day that I really missed my Mother and wished I could tell her happy birthday. It is easy to get busy with life details and not notice that someone right next to you could be needing a hug. Also, saying thank you to others is important. I have always loved Jackie Kennedy Onassis and wish she was still with us. She was known for hand writing thank you notes to everyone and even wrote them to her cook to thank her for a delicious dinner. In a world of computers, I still love it when I receive a nice handwritten note from someone or a special card. My son, Brandon fiance, Amy, practices this art. She has a special knack for selecting just the right card and always writes the most beautiful, heartfelt messages.

I love all the fall colors in the bouquets my husband brought me. xoxo Kim

Hi Kim, I know what you mean my Mothers Birthday was Christmas Day and Mum loved Christmas that was very hard for the first few years. Now I choose to celebrate her life at Christmas that what she would want she is very much part of our family Christmas celebrations and that makes me happy. Your flowers are Beautiful Husbands are amazing aren they? I love what you said about hand written notes I think this is a Beautiful thing to do. The greatest gift that anyone can give you is time and for someone to take the time to write a hand written note to you is very Precious and speaks volumes about that persons character. I didn know that about Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Did I tell you that my maiden name was Kennedy when I was young people used to say are you related to President Kennedy? I wish I had a dollar for every time I have been asked that question lol. Have a great day Trish xox 😉

What a beautiful bouquet of flowers to lighten your heart! I noticed the sunflowers (one of your favorites. Yes, your husband is a sweetheart. I know what you mean about missing your mom and dad. You always have a little sadness on those special days and occasions because they won physically be there to share them with you.

The art of a thankyou note isn practiced as often as it used to be. I started making cards with my scapbook supplies. Two women in my department at work lost their beloved dogs. When they came to work the next day I left a frame on their desk with their beloved pets name and other little decorations on the frame. They loved it! Nothing says I care like a handwritten note, a vase of flowers, or a hug. As you know, I love gardening and every week this summer I been taking bouquets in and leaving them on different peoples desk each week. I rotating so no one will feel left out.

I hope your heart feels lighter this weekend. I missed reading your posts and hearing from you. It been a busy time at work (new supervisor and exciting new opportunites) plus it been busy at home. Hope to update the blog soon.

Thanks for sharing your sadness and your happy times as well. You truly are a very caring person.

I left a comment on this post right after you posted it, but not sure you got it cause I might not have followed through with the last letters. The flowers are so lovely, and it was such a nice gesture of your husband to have bought them for you. My mom birthday was a week ago, and I was missing her too. I know it hard without our moms being around, but please remember this your mom raised a special girl, and the world is a sweeter place because you in it. Oh, and there nothing like a hand written note or card.
mulberry sale preview Bluebirds and Butterflies