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Board votes on Beaumont grade configuration

After receiving public feedback, the Black Gold Regional Schools (BGRS) trustees have decided on grade configuration and school boundaries for Beaumont students.

BGRS held two open houses in late October to present families with two configuration options. The feedback they received indicated 52 per cent didn favour either though 84.5 per cent of households associated with the school system didn respond at all.

Several trustees voiced concern over the fact more than half the families didn support either option. They also noted parents frustration with the lack of information on transition once the new Champs Vall comes online. Leduc trustee Dennis Nosyk suggested grandfathering siblings, but the configuration committee said they couldn make that kind of a decision without solidifying the boundaries.

County East trustee Johnette Lemke said Beaumont schools staff had been through a configuration three years ago and were successful in working with families who had concerns. She said the board should make a decision so they could plan for transition.

The board voted for the first option which would see schools configured as following:

Dansereau Meadows School will be K 9 English and K 6 French Immersion. Lapointe School and English students would go to Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School (ESBCHS).

Bellevue School would be a K 6 school for both English and French Immersion. Students would transition to Champs Vall School.

Champs Vall School will have K 9 English and French Immersion students, receiving Grades 7 9 French Immersion from Bellevue. It will be the designated school for rural students west of Highway 814 and French Immersion students from New Sarepta. Students will go to ESBCHS from there.

Coloniale Estates School like Bellevue will be K 6 English and French Immersion. Lapointe. Lapointe School will be a Grade 7 9 school for English and French Immersion. Beau Meadow School and Coloniale Estates students will transition there for middle school as well as Dansereau French Immersion students.

Beau Meadow School will also be K 6 English and French Immersion. It will also house rural students east of 814.

All trustees voted for the new configuration except Devon trustee Sandy Koroll and County West trustee Sam Kobeluck.

The architects have put together a design that will go out to tender in February so work can start as soon as possible. The modernization includes dedicated science labs, updated labs for food and fashions,
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and construction and fabrication, a new gym with hardwood floor, bleachers and storage, modern administration suites, renovated classrooms,
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new modulars and a solar panel system.